Event Management System

Event Management System

Event management involves the creation of large scale events such as weddings, award shows, concerts, festivals, conventions, and parties which include a large audience.

Event management system comprises consist of many different management systems such as:

  • Event advertising
  • Event booking
  • Event monitoring
  • Event registration
  • Event marketing
  • Payments and checkouts
  • Attendee management
  • Customer relation management

Event advertisement “ event advertising is also known as event marketing or event funding is a way of involvement of advertisers in events, cultural activities to endorse its brand and company to patrons and other interested people. The company supporting an event can impress stockholders, employees, and customers through advertisement. Event advertising creates public relations occasions. It is a way of reaching a broad mass. Event advertising is the same as other forms of advertising, increasing awareness, enhancing the company’s name and brand name.

Event registration “ It is the keystone of any successful event. The main aim of an event is always to bring people collectively, and that’s the reason why event registration is a necessary part. Event registration is the purest form when a person makes financial or time commitment to be present at a particular event. It is the pre-event process where people make assurance to be there at the event.

Event monitoring “ Event management provides a system for early exposure to incidents. In most cases when it is possible for an incident to be detected a group is allotted to act before any service outage occurs. Event management provides a basis for computerized operations, thereby increasing efficiency and allowing precious human resources to be used for more innovative work.

Attendee management “ With urbane based event management solution, event management should take care of attendee experience from the first stage invite to thank you message after the post-event.

Payment and checkout management “ EventPay is an event booking as well as payment giving out platform which enables the event managers to promote, sell tickets online for events, gives customers an easy way to pay for tickets.

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