Event Management

Event Management

Event management is the application of project management to create events such as festivals, conferences, weddings, concerts, etc. It involves creating or studying a brand, targeting only the required audience, scoping out the event concept and finally preparing all the technical aspects before launching the event. Event management is done from small scale business meetings to even the Olympics and has gained a lot of attention in recent times due to the efficiency of its methods. There are a lot of different aspects of event management, and it is generally all put together by an Event Manager. Event management services can be found almost anywhere these days, and there is a lot of growth in the field.

Strategic marketing by many companies is done through event management. Events play a huge role in the image and brand of any company or organization both within and to the outside world. This is crucial for many companies as building a reputable brand requires proper marketing and events can go a long way in creating trust in the brand and even creating a more significant customer base. Event managers may also use news media or even advertisements to target their audience to generate media coverage which might reach thousands of people. Thus, event management is also an essential marketing tool for many companies.
Event management is everywhere. Any major movie award ceremony, such as the Academy Awards or, sports events such as the Olympics requires event management. Even the smallest of parties also need event management of some form. Everything from the lighting to creating the atmosphere to designing a timeline for the event requires management and the event management must use all his resources to create the best possible event for the brand.

There are any numbers of universities offering event management courses to create good event managers and other such professionals. The number of universities offering the course is ever increasing and it isn’t surprising due to the rapid increase in popularity of the field among students and professionals alike. Event management courses can be diplomas or even graduate degrees. Also, there are many varieties of courses to choose from in the field. Some of the jobs taken up by event management graduates are Trade Show Marketer, Meeting Manager, Event Planner, Exhibition Manager, etc. There are many other jobs available to event management professionals and they can work for various events ranging from fundraisers to commercial events.
Event management is a rapidly growing field and the future of the field also seems to be very bright. Many young students are taking up the course and it surely has a lot of scopes as many companies are starting to hire event management firms to create better events. The main reason for the increase in popularity of event management is mainly due to the rise in social media and its outreach. Events are now not just for celebrating something but also a way of marketing and this is crucial as companies can cleverly use events for marketing their products and thereby create a personality for their brand. Event management is a fairly new field in India but the number of people interested in it and the number of colleges offering the course is increasing very rapidly.

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