Everything About BAMS Doctors

Everything About BAMS Doctors

Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery or, BAMS for short, is a degree offered in India, Bangladesh, Nepal, and other South Asian countries. These courses are focused on Ayurveda and Ayurvedic medicine. The number of Ayurvedic doctors in India is over 400,000 compared to over 600,000 of allopathic doctors. Although BAMS offers subjects relating to allopathy, it is in no way as rigorous as MBBS or other such courses. The number of people taking BAMS has been steadily increasing, and it seems to be a profitable degree in many developing countries. The course is structured into five and a half years with at least one year of internship.

There have been a lot of disagreements in the medical community when it comes to ayurvedic medicine. Some believe that Ayurveda is nothing but a scam and doesn’t do anything for the human body while many people have reported improvement in their condition after the usage of ayurvedic medicine. The claims of scams are very justifiable as most of the Ayurvedic medicine comprises of unknown herbs and ineffective drugs. Surgery in Ayurveda is also very pre-medieval and has a very high chance of failure compared to allopathic operations. They also tend to inflict massive amounts of pain. Ayurveda is known to be an ancient science. Some don’t even consider it science, but it is still widely used in India as many people believe it works. Some scientists attribute the usage of homeopathic medicine to placebos which are just sugar pills taken as medicine. Placebos work because once a person understands what he has taken is a medicine, somehow his body recovers quicker. Although many have claimed to have a cure for diseases like cancer, STDs, nothing has been conclusively proven yet.

In spite of all the controversy surrounding the effectiveness of BAMS, many doctors do take the course. Many colleges in India offer this course as it is viral. BAMS courses are generally frowned upon by westerners but in South Asia, the number of patients opting for Ayurvedic treatment is very high, and hence there is a lot of demand for BAMS doctors. The effectiveness in BAMS might be controversial, but it seems to have helped many people and is a traditional South Asian type of medicine.

Many BAMS doctors tend to go for jobs while a select few set up their independent practice. There are even government jobs available for BAMS doctors in government hospitals. Many opportunities are available to BAMS graduates, and it is only a matter of time before these opportunities increase rapidly. Due to the rise in the number of colleges and students taking the course, the job field might seem dense and at times, but it is undoubtedly perfect compared to other areas. The salary of an entry-level BAMS doctor is expected to be around Rs. 35,000 per month. The position also matters, and some positions offer even up to Rs. 80,000 per month salary. Many believe that Ayurvedic doctors make less but this is not true. Many independent practitioners make a lot of money as it requires less equipment and yields more profit. The field surely doesn’t have fewer customers in South Asia, and there seems to be high growth in the area.

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