Everything You Need to Know about Google Advertising

Everything You Need to Know about Google Advertising

Google advertising is a new advancement in this modern era for advertisement. It is a great marketing strategy for numerous small businesses being developed every day. So if you are also looking for a strategy to build your business then switch to Google Ads now! But before you take this loop, do you even know what is Google advertising or how your business can get affected by it? Let’s dive into the face and fact of Google ads to increase your knowledge so that you can also make use of this wonderful service provided by Google. So, what is Google advertising at all? Google ads are a way to show ads about your business to the world on the internet so that people doing or searching for the same business get to you for further partnerships or business meetings which can help both the parties. Thus for these reasons, Google Ads are highly demanded and people with new startups or small ventures always try to put their advertisement on it. They get their business ads to come on the Google search result page. They appear at the top and bottom of the results page with a small caption of As in green box.

Now let us tell you how Google Ads work and how they are helpful for the growth of your business! Firstly in every google search results, you can see the ads shown at the topmost searches, this whenever a customer searches for anything then the keywords present in it bring out the relevant search options based on the keywords. On the other hand, people with their business will put up the ads on Google with that similar keyword by bidding. The higher you bid, the more fruitful for you as your ads get to show up on the Google results and this lets other people come in contact with you helping your business to grow. How can you advertise on Google? If you also want your business to flourish then using Google ads will be a good idea, but do you know how advertising on it is done actually? We don’t think so you do, so we thought to guide you with simple steps that can help you to put your Ad up!

For this primarily you need is an email address and website! Moving on to the steps.

Step 1: What is your budget? Setting your budget is the key to Google ads. Before placing your ad you need to set a budget per day which tells how much money you are going to spend on people who are reaching your website after clicking your ad. the conversion rate is the factor, how many people buy your product after clicking or reaching your website and not just by visiting. If you have a good conversion rate then you can bid accordingly and can display your ad on the search results.

Step 2: Expanding your network. Many google ads not just show on the google search results but also on other networks like YouTube Gmail, Facebook, etc. By displaying networks, other sites also show your ad, and this helps in providing a good base to your business because the audience gets bigger and thus more people to reach your website.

Step 3: Choosing a location If you want to grow your business, then starting from your locality or your office will be a great idea. For this, you need to let other people know that you provide this offer and service in your locality. Thus advertising your business on Google ads by mentioning the area or place will increase the efficiency of your work in your locality as your ad will be focused on users close to your location. You can also add your business address and target for two miles, five miles radius area. Step 4: Selecting keywords Keywords are the center of your ad, mentioning specific keywords help in creating an audience who are searching for the same thing. You have to bid on keywords that people will search on Google search and that will also help in triggering your Ad. Google will let you know about the popularity of a keyword and will suggest some based on the website.

Step 4: Bidding on your keywords. By bidding on your keyword you are paying that amount for any person who clicks on your ad on Google search. The higher you bid the more chance that your ad will appear on Google search. Step 5: Write your Ad After all is done, a nice and with few lines of description having the keywords are written and proposed, which then will appear on your search result after bidding the amount. You cant write an essay for your business showcasing all your services. Google allows only a few characters to present in your Ad. After you have published your Ad, you can also see how is its performance and how many people visited your website and want your service. This will tell you the success rate of your Ads in the social market and also help in gaining an audience for your service and help your business grow. So, if you want to catch up with the revolutionary business strategy, switch to Google ads and market your work more smartly and efficiently.

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