What is an Executive MBA?

What is an Executive MBA?

Executive MBA or EMBA, has the same course structure as that of a regular MBA, except that it is meant for individuals with work experience of 5 or more years of relevant industry experience. It is structured in a way that the professionals can work full-time, not having to compromise their working hours. They can take up the course in the evening on weekdays, or an entire day on weekends.

  • Regular MBA applicants usually have to sit for a qualifying test whereas Executive programs don’t require that although one needs to have a work experience amounting to a minimum of 5 to 8 years of work experience.
  • Regular MBA programs go into more depth analysis and classroom activity in terms of the content cover, while Executive programs are more of a general overview.

MBA Specializations

  • Regular MBA allows the students to select electives and/or specialize in a certain area. While some Executive programs offer electives, there usually isn’t an opportunity to specialize.
  • Executive programs are usually shorter in extension (12 months to 2 years). And one can choose to take classes on the weekends or in week-long intensives.
  • Executive programs are meant for working professionals therefore while persuasion of the course your network may be more influential.

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