F1 Visa Interview Questions

F1 Visa Interview Questions

F1 visa application is for students applying for international education majorly in the US. The interview is taken to check whether the students are eligible for the desired education or just finding a way to immigrate to the US. The F1 Visa interview is a passing interview between you and a visa officer which institutes that you meet the necessities of the visa. This is majorly done by students earlier, but the procedure has been changed to avoid it. However, if you do must interview, you will schedule the interview over the US embassy or delegation in your home country.

The significant parts enclosed during the interview contain questions about the institution and university, bank and assets, families and relations, work and job forecasts, and other mixt questions that might give the impression of being irrelevant during the time of the interview to check whether they are consistent or not.

The interview begins with a basic introduction about the applier and the college/university applied to. Majorly asked questions could be:

  1. What is the name of the college or university you are preparing on going to and why did you elect to go to this exact university or college?
  2. How many various universities did you apply to and why?
  3. What are the names of the universities you have applied to?

The questions are typically on which Major you would be selecting for your degree, which degree are you going for Bachelors, Masters or Ph.D., which academic background you are from, how many universities have you applied to, how many of them have selected you, how long you would be staying in the US, what are the reasons for you to study in the US, what is GPA score, so on and so forth. Major points you could keep in mind would be:


Questions regarding your financial status are a must because living and studying in the US could be tremendously expensive. For this part, you need to carry your bank statements, transactions, passbook, latest transactions, and other finance associated documents. Questions asked could be who is paying for your education, how much will your expense be if you study abroad and if you have made huge deposits in your account that could be a tentative question too.

Questions are also asked about your family members and relatives. A small tip: when asked, if you have any relatives in the US, please don’t lie, if there are telling the truth. Questions could be based on how many brothers/sisters you have, how many working members are there in your family, would you also like to stay in the US to work, and so on.

General questions asked for your IQ could be what your reasons are for studying abroad, why do you like the United States, why don’t you want to study in your home country, and last but not the least DO YOU THINK YOU DESERVE TO GET AN F1 VISA?

Make sure you go fully prepared with the questions above and give your best for your future.

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