Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising

Advertising and putting forth various advertisements has been a cult practice in India ever since the struggle for Independence. Advertisement is nothing but putting forth a thought that your product is the best of the best and the product is worth your money.

Advertisement is a strong marketing tool and it is sometimes stronger than the word of mouth. This powerful tool was first used in the seventeenth century. Since time immemorial advertisers all over are constantly looking for a strong return on investment factors for advertisement.

In India one such unique way was incorporating Bollywood stars with brands. The very first of such uniqueness was coming together of Parle G and the famous Gabbar Singh of Sholay.

However recent studies show the biggest ROI generation is generated via online advertisements and various social media platforms. Media experts time and again have vouched that social media platforms are the biggest ROI generators and Facebook is perhaps the king of ROI worldwide. One can run the business as well as advertisements on its Facebook platform.

To create an ad post :

Click on the extreme right  > Create advert > Facebook Advert Manager > Menu (Then click on specific audience).

Due to the advanced SEO system, one can generate their particular audience type, they can also have a specific target audience, along with a proper budget as well as a specific age group.

You can have a specific budget for a particular advertisement on Facebook. There are provisions of having a per-day budget along with total expenditure meant for advertisements. Also, it is a convenient option because your per-day budget is also proportional to the reach it has attained to the audience.

The added benefit that comes with Facebook advertisements is the advanced SEO mechanism of Facebook. Facebook directly lets a brand connect with potential customers by adding on Instagram profiles or target audience.

Advertisement on Facebook is a popular method because of its high reach and interactive format. It is also budget-friendly and cost-effective. The biggest benefit herein is it can have an immediate reaction and interaction from the consumers and effectively customize a target audience.

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