Fashion Photography as a Career

Fashion Photography as a Career

Fashion photography is a genre of photography that deals with the display of fashion items such as clothing. A fashion photographer needs to collaborate and work with professionals such as designers, models, make-up artists, set designers, wardrobe specialists to get the best picture of the clothing to display. Fashion photographers generally work for fashion businesses and advertisement firms. Fashion photography has been an established job even since the 1970s. Fashion photographers are very much in need of a lot of firms.

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The photos they take become a crucial part of advertising any fashion product. So, there are procedures taken up by companies to pick and choose the right fashion photographer for their product.
To become a fashion photographer, there is no need to have a degree. Still, a bachelor’s or master’s degree in an orthodox photography course will help. It is better if the degree is from an established university. The core skills of a fashion photographer come from apprenticeship or internship. A new fashion photographer is expected to have worked under an established professional in the field. This is crucial because it means in order to become a fashion designer, you must work for one. The better you can show your skills in the internship, the better deals you can get.

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As a fashion designer, one must always be patient and collaborative as the final product, which is the picture come from collaboration with various people such as models, lighting technicians, etc. So, communication skills are also a crucial part of becoming a fashion designer. In recent times, due to the rise in fashion trends, the need for fashion photographers is increasing. As a career, a lot of people consider fashion photography to be risky as there is no job security. But, professionals would argue that if one has enough experience, it will pay off really well.

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A lot of ad campaigns use the help of fashion photographers to better market their products. There are a lot of professional fashion photographers that are connected to the advertising sector. All the fashion shows and ramp walks are also generally a part of ad campaigns by various companies. Here too, fashion photographers become crucial. Connections can go a long way in fashion photography. The more links one has in the industry, the better the chances of getting hired. Getting a job is not always easy as one has to prove their worth even without any special degree to back it up. But, in these cases, a general photography degree will help. An internship is almost compulsory to get a job as it shows you are a credible fashion photographer and also gives you the edge over aspirants who haven’t done an internship.

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Anyone who can hone a camera and use it well can become a fashion photographer. But, even though opportunities are high, it is still tough to become a fashion photographer as there is no established degree to support it. An internship will make things easier. The best way to get into the field is to build a lot of connections and get an internship as soon as possible. The growth in the field is high, and a lot of new jobs are expected to come, especially in a country like India.

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