Behind many successful books, there is a ghostwriter

Behind many successful books, there is a ghostwriter

You have decided to write a book. Your plan is there, and you have an impressive collection of notes that you have scribbled over time. Now you are ready to put it all in a manuscript of a complete book, but you need help. This is where a Ghost Writer comes in. A professional ghostwriter is a writer behind the scenes who works with you to tweak your concept and give the structure of your book. You are the author; they are the rental authors who find the right words for your story. Make sure to hire a qualified ghostwriter so that your book – or letter, article, speech, or anything else you want to write – will be a top-quality product.

Here are some of the most important things you must-do if you are concerned about how to find a ghostwriter for my book.

Network with colleagues and friends

  • You may know someone who knows someone who knows a professional writer who can handle your project. Your acquaintance can connect you or perhaps arrange a meeting.

Do a Google Search

  • When doing a search on keywords such as ghostwriters, book writer or content writer, ghostwriters, and agencies that provide copywriting services will pop up. Try variations of these terms, including ghostwriter (separated into two words), ghostwriting, and book editor. Read the sites carefully. Each writer has areas of expertise and specific strengths. For example, some ghostwriters focus on novels, others on general nonfiction, and still others are speechwriting specialists. For sites with specific information on this topic, see the Resources section below.

Post a free ad on the Internet

  • If you are still confused that how to find a ghostwriter for my book, then let me tell you that there are many professional writers that frequently visit specific sites in search of work. Post your ad at,,, and In the majority of these and similar sites, it is free to publish your work, and you are not obligated to hire anyone. If you cannot find the right writer, just keep watching. Post a new ad on the same site, or try posting elsewhere.

Check with your local independent bookstore

  • The owner and manager are probably well connected to writers and members of the local writing community. Let people in the bookstore know that you are looking for a quality writer to help you with a book project. Chances are, they know someone who can help you.

Check the Credentials

  • Once you have found a ghostwriter you wish to work with, carefully check his credentials. Find out what the experience of this person has done. Did she write other books? Can she write in the tone and style you are looking for? Make sure to read several writing samples. Check the references
  • Follow up by phone or email these people. Ask them what the author is planning for them. Ask them if they were satisfied with the results. And ask if there was something they did not like while working with the ghostwriter. The more you ask in advance about each candidate, the better decision you will make.

How much does it cost to write a book by a Ghost Writer?

  • There is rarely a universal answer and it makes sense: it all depends on your project! We must, of course, consider the thickness of the expected book, but also the complexity of the text, the amount of research to provide, etc.
  • A book can cost between $3500 and $13,000, with most projects being around $6000 to $8000. Always agree on a price in advance, and agree on the principle that there will be no excess fees.

How to know what a Ghost Writer has already Written?

If a private writer balances his list of customers with the figure from the first contact, there is a catch. The principle, in general, is that the ghostwriter disappears behind the needs of the author “ he doesn’t claim the credentials of his productions. Of course, this can happen during informal discussions but it should not become a sales pitch.

But you can instead find the resume of a ghostwriter quite easily on the Internet, which will allow you at least two things:

  • Know their past experiences (editor, assistant of an author, political collaborator…)
  • Check that he has actually already written books (a ghostwriter without a bibliography is suspicious)

Starting from there, if the final book does not conform to your expectations, it is either that you changed your ideas during the book writing process, or that you did not invest yourself enough in this project. Otherwise, it’s unlikely to leave unsatisfied as a ghostwriter follows your instructions at each step of writing the book.

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