GMAT Official Guide

GMAT Official Guide

The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT is an adaptive computer test (CAT) which is taken for admission into graduate management programs such as MBA. GMAT can be taken up to five times per year and not more than eight times in total. GMAT is a CAT test meaning it adapts to the examinee’s skill level. CAT tests are also called tailored tests. Hence, the questions one gets in GMAT are based on responses given on the previous set of questions and vary from one examiner to the other. GMAT is a very popularly used entrance test for many MBA schools. Over 2 Lakh people take the test annually.

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The GMAT score is valid for five years, meaning it can be used to apply to business schools for five years after taking the exam. The fee for the exam is US $250, which is reasonable considering the international status it has. GMAT was started by an organization which is now called the Graduate Management Admission Council, or GMAC. The goal was to set up a standardized test to help the schools select qualified applicants. It has now become the GMAT which is the most popular entrance exam for management students. GMAT tests the participants in four sections namely Analytical Writing Assessment, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative and Verbal sections. The quantitative and verbal sections are combined to make up the total score which is seen as the GMAT score by many B-schools around the world. The other two sections are generally used as supplements in the admissions process.The official site for GMAT is which is used to register for the test online and also provides many high-quality resources for the preparation of the exam. It also provides very useful information on the GMAT and the GMAC. Any updates or changes made to the exam are also going to appear on the official site and every participant must learn to browse the site comfortably. The GMAT official guide 2018 is one of the materials provided on the site and it is not a free resource. The official guide lists many previous questions and strategies to ace the exam. The guide is produced by GMAC and is available both as a book and online.

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The official guides are released on a timely basis with the year. The official guide for 2018 has some changes which include 130 new questions. With the help of the official guide, one can expect a pretty good score in the GMAT as the guide is made by the GMAC themselves, who prepare the GMAT. Many coaching centers and institutes also recommend using the official guide and use it as a reference to coach interested participants for writing the exam. The GMAT official guide 2018 is available for the US $47.95 on the official website. The official guide has three parts: GMAT review, Verbal review, and Quantitative review. The first one concentrates on the exam as a whole while the latter two are used for specialized coaching. There are over 900 practice questions the official guide for 2018. With the sheer number of questions in the guide and a huge community to back it up, the GMAT official guide is one of the best resources for preparing for GMAT and it plays a crucial role in any institution or coaching center. It is a useful resource to have at one’s side while preparing for the most popular entrance test to business schools. GMAT official guide 2018 has a plethora of questions that can help any student get a higher grade in the test.

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