Gmat Score Validity

Gmat Score Validity

Now it’s getting so cliche and before getting into in detail about the validity of GMAT and kinds of stuff, I will first give you a short intro about GMAT, we all know that GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test as we know is a computer-based exam which is used to assess ones analytical approach of answering to a question and also your quantitative approach of answering a question not only this but also your reading and writing skills in English.

There are several types of question you will be facing in GMAT exam, lets now get to know about the different types of question that you will be facing in your Graduate Management Admission Test. The first one is Analytical Writing and Integrated Reasoning, the analytical writing assessment will be consisting of one 30 minute essay type question and the integrated reasoning will be consisting four types of question and they are graphic interpretation, the multi-score reasoning, the two-part analysis, and the table analysis; in this, you will mostly have sub-questions like under question number 1 you will have three sub-questions a, b, c and this is how you will be facing the first type of question.

  • Secondly, you will be facing a quantitative section, this section consists of problem-solving and data sufficiency and you will be facing a maximum of 31 questions in this part and you will also be requiring a lot of time to solve this part. You can expect 17 to 18 questions for problem-solving and the rest for data sufficiency. Here questions are difficult and require a lot of time, you definitely have to allow time at least a maximum of one and a half minutes for a question and not more than that.
  • Thirdly, you will be facing the verbal section, this section consists of sentence correction, critical reasoning, and reading comprehension. It is not as easy as you think, this is the place where the question paper setter will be using a lot of time to create tricky questions, you have to be careful while answering these questions. You will approximately be facing 36 problems and least you can take is a minute or less than a minute to solve these questions.
  • The last one is the experimental questions that you will be facing in all the three types of sections mentioned above. You will be facing three, six, and three in quantitative, verbal, and integrated reasoning respectively.

After taking the test, you should know that GMAT scores are valid after five years from the date you took the test. You can sign in to your account from ( and get your GMAT scores. This is how your Graduate Management Admission Test scores are valid. The link is also provided, you can click to it and get to know about your results.

Are you nervous about after knowing these questions? I can tell you that no need to get afraid of anything because one of my acquaintance she took this GMAT exam and her confidence level was at the max and she cleared or got qualified with the maximum mark. You should never get worked up or discouraged and if you feel so I really tell you guys to chant the mantra I can do it, I can win it, I can achieve it, you can definitely get through anything with this mantra.

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