Government Jobs for Dentists in India

Government Jobs for Dentists in India

After graduating from a dental college in India, every student is eligible for applying to government jobs here. Various vacancies are available in government fields for new dentists or dentists with some experience during the mid-year which are posted online or advertised in newspapers and publications. But do you really know how many people apply for it and how many people get selected? Well moving on to the harsh truth of government job vacancies in India, to every one seat available applications submitted are around in thousands. From this, you can understand that the competition is real and the chances of getting selected are very low and solely depends on your talent, your academic achievements, and qualifying that particular examination.

The various employment sectors a dentist can apply to are been mentioned as following:

  • Army Dental Corps: Joining the Indian army as a dentist is considered a highly reputed job in India you can serve the nation and will get respect in your society with good pay and perks. You can apply by two processes: either by SSC ( short service commission) or by DPC (direct permanent commission). Your selection depends solely on qualifying the examination both written and interviews. The competition is very high but yes worth trying for.

  • The Territorial Army Officer in the Indian Army: if you do not qualify for the army dental corps then you can have another choice to opt for this job where graduates from every field can apply. The pay and perks are the same as another army officer. With a promotional job, you can be a Lt. Col from a lieutenant.

  • Indian Civil Services Exams: UPSC exams are considered to be the toughest exam in the country which are open for graduates f4om all the fields. A dentist can also apply for such exams considering the fact that the competition is very high but enrolling in such jobs gives you a reputation and respect which is worth to have. After qualifying this exam you can join as IAS, IRF, or IFS officers which have good pay with various perks and a reputable post.

  • State Govt Jobs as a Dentist: All the state govt have an opening for graduates in dentistry, the vacancies are published every year and the race for the selection starts thereafter. Whoever qualifies the exam and interviews are posted in Government health centers and government colleges.

  • Teaching Staff in Govt Colleges: Joining any state govt college as a teaching staff or a lecturer can also be another option. There are many primer institutes which pay well to a BDS or MDS degree holders if they qualify the interview and exam taken by the institutes. You can get a starting salary of 25 k and later get paid more on a promotional basis.

  • Joining Indian Railways: Indian railways also put up vacancies where a dentist can apply to get recruited. There are part-time dental surgeons who are taken on a one-year contract basis also permanent slots for dental surgeons are available which depends on the vacancy for that particular year. Few years of experience is required to apply for this job and starting salary given is 20k per month with other perks.

So, if you are a dentist and searching for jobs then try for your luck, work hard and you can get a stable government job to work and a good lifestyle to live. So do not lose hope, keep your struggle real and grind for reaching heights in dentistry in India.

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