GRE Preparation Books

GRE Preparation Books

GRE stands for graduate record examination. It is a type of entrance exam to get into graduate school in unites states and other foreign countries. If a person wishes to go for MS, Ph.D., MBA, or any other master’s degree, then they have to give GRE.GRE is organized by ETS(educational testing service).

GRE has the following sections:

  • Analytical writing
  • Verbal reasoning
  • Qualitative reasoning


The best GRE preparations books which one can refer to are as follows:

  • Magoosh GRE book: published by Magoosh
    It has more than a hundred practice questions and with full-fledged explanation and information. It has tons of information contained which may help the student to get knowledge.


  • Kaplan’s GRE PrePlus: It is the most comprehensive guide for GRE.It explanations every section of the GRE. It has around 2,200 questions with explanations which will help the student to assess themselves and determine their strength and weakness in a particular section.


  • Barron essential words for the GRE: It is the best vocabulary book. It has around 800 most commonly used words in GRE with its meaning. It has pre-written practice exercises that will help the aspirant to test their vocabulary.


  • McGraw-Hill Educations Conquering GRE Math: This book has math question type, including data analysis, numeric entry, qualitative analysis, and multiple-choice questions. This guide can regulate and boost your maths score.


  • Manhattan Preps 5Lb. Book of GRE Practice Problems: This bulky 33- chapter book has over 1800 practice questions. This book will help the candidate solve quizzes that are incorporated into the GRE study. The practice questions in this book are organized at different difficulty levels and question types so that one can assist their strong and weak points.


  • Manhattan Preps Reading Comprehension/essays: This is the best analytical writing guidance for students. It has both a short and long explanation of GRE passages and a more relevant way of understanding it. It provides comprehensive guidance to each essay section in GRE, including practice questions so that one can know how to approach a particular section and save time in the exam.

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