Highest Paid Engineering Jobs in India

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs in India

Engineering doesn’t need any introduction as the course is one of the most popular ones in India. India produces nearly 25% of engineers in the world. That number is staggering and is not surprising as many students and parents do not see any other choices besides Medicine or MBBS and commerce. This is mainly due to the lack of awareness of newer fields and courses. But, in spite of all that, there are lots of engineers in India with not as many jobs. For this reason, many choose to go abroad or pursue their masters in some areas. But, many want to get right into the workforce and make a living. There are many engineering jobs in India and around the world and as expected, not all the jobs pay the same.

The difference in salaries among different engineers is due to the popularity of the jobs and their need in the job market. Take mechanical engineers for example. There are many mechanical engineers all around the world, and many mechanical engineers get paid very well but compare this to something like petroleum engineering. Their arent as many petroleum engineers in India, and there is a need for such engineers. For this reason, the salary of petroleum engineers is very high, and they are in high demand, and this guarantees their job safety too.

On average though, the highest paid engineering jobs in India are

  1. Petroleum Engineers
    The rise in pollution and a decrease in petroleum reserves all around the world due to the depletion of fossil fuels is very well known. This led to our present situation where we need innovation in petroleum. Here is where petroleum engineers come in to play. They are in high demand and have some of the highest salaries among engineers.
  2. Nuclear Engineers
    Energy to power up houses, buildings, corporations or even to create deadly weapons is produced through nuclear technology. There are many uses for nuclear technology that we haven’t completely explored yet due to lack of resources such as uranium which is a very rare element. Nuclear engineers are paid very highly and are less in number.
  3. Aerospace Engineers
    Aircraft, satellites, missiles, etc. are very costly and aerospace engineers need to deal with them and other airborne machines. Aerospace engineers are very crucial to any major aerospace project, and many companies and countries alike have been trying to make breakthroughs in the field, be it space exploration or even deployment of satellites. These engineers are paid very handsomely too.
  4. Software Engineers
    The Digital revolution has changed a lot of things, and one of them is the distribution of our workforce. Due to huge leaps and a rise in digital technology, software engineers are very much needed in all parts of the world. Although in India there are many of them and fewer jobs, once a software engineer gets settled in and has the necessary skills, he can get a very high salary. Software engineers do get high salaries, and they are one of the highest among engineers.
  5. Chemical Engineers
    Chemical engineering is a fairly new field in engineering and has gained popularity quite quickly. Although not many colleges offer this degree yet, there is a huge demand for chemical engineers all around the world. Chemical engineers get paid heavily and have some of the highest paying jobs in engineering.

These are some of the jobs that pay highly in the engineering field. But, there is no guarantee of a high paying job. Many factors come in to play such as the college of graduation, the skills of the professional that decide the salary of an engineer. But, it is safe to say that the above jobs are in high demand and this may change in the future as engineering is a dynamic field.

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