Himalayan University

Himalayan University

Himalayan University is a non-profit university, recognized by the University Grant Commission. It is located in Itanagar of Arunachal Pradesh. It is one of the most popular universities in India. The university was established to raise the literacy rate of North East India and also boost the economy by higher education. It is a member of several organizations including AIU, AIMA, CII, and Ph.D. Chamber. It is a center for diverse and creative education. The university has a rich set of university research programs that improve the performance of its students.

Himalayan University is a relatively young university. It faces many challenges and aims to make a mark globally. It has top-class facilities for its students and has a very modern curriculum. The university is home to many educational and development programs aimed towards the North-East part of India. It has hundreds of degree programs ranging from bachelor to Ph.D. in various fields. There have been plans by the management of the university to entertain the possibility of International teachers to help its students get a more global understanding of their subjects. The university is home to many top-level programs and is known for is thorough research facilities. The university has designed its curriculum to allow the students to become creative professionals who are ready to work in the professional world.

The university conducted its first convocation on December 22, 2017, at its campus in Jurong, Itanagar. Swami Vishweshananda, RK mission hospital secretary was invited as the chief guest and it marked an important event in the university timelines marking its growth and development. The university has only improved from there as an increasing number of students being interested in joining the university. Himalayan University also conducts an annual sports week to give a spotlight to its athletic students. It aims to create well-rounded professionals and it is a step in that direction.

The enrolment of students has only increased over the years and the trends seem to continue for a long time. The University’s mission is to develop and enhance the opportunities for students where they can be able to utilize their internal capabilities and hidden skills the most. The research and development programs of the university have been tremendously helpful to its students and as it was established to help the economy and literacy of North East India, it has taken up many programs to support its cause. The students of Himalayan universities have reported a positive experience with some of them even volunteering for helping the development of rural areas in and around the region. With diverse cultures of people on the campus, the students also gain a lot of exposure. Himalayan University, being a non-profit is aimed to help students become better professionals and help improve the state of their country by research. The university seems to only gain popularity and it is one of the many universities of India willing to make a change.

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