The Step by Step Guide on Hindu College

The Step by Step Guide on Hindu College

Introduction about Hindu College

Hindu College, established in 1899, stands as one of the oldest colleges in the capital city of India. Functioning under the University of Delhi, it offers a wide range of courses – be it the undergraduate course or the post-graduate course in subjects such as the arts, sciences, and commerce. Krishan Dassji Gurwale founded Hindu College during the national struggle when India was still fighting colonization, and it’s far-reaching effects.

The college stands by its motto which is ‘Music of Truth’ and has an academic staff of 120 as per existing records. To date, 17 principals have looked into the functioning of the college and made sure that the college runs smoothly. Anju Srivastava is the present principal who has held office from 2015. Preceding Srivastava, the office was held by Pradumn Kumar.

Living up to its reputation, Nerf goes on to rank Hindu as the 2nd best in the year 2020. It even holds the ‘Star College’ status for Biotechnology. Its accolades are numerous. Apart from its accolades, it’s alumni are equally noteworthy. Names such Mira Aggarwal (Mayor of Delhi), Imtiaz Ali (Film-maker), Mirza Farhatullah Baig (Urdu writer), and Sidharth Basu (Renowned businessman) are brought into light when talking of its notable alumni. Hindu College has given the world stalwarts in all fields of life and work.

Hindu College

Given its glorious historical past, it also played a part in the Indian Freedom Movement. The Student’s Parliament provided space and platform to endless National leaders such as Annie Besant, Gandhi, Jinnah, Muhammad Ali, and Subhash Chandra Bose. It even responded to Gandhi’s Quit India Movement.

Standing tall over 25 acres of land, it also includes a seminar-room and an auditorium. Given its high regard for sports and fitness, it maintains a sports complex. To offer all the help, it can to its students, the college has labs and computer rooms, numerous stationery shops, a bank, and canteen. The oldest body would, however, be the library that came into existence from the very first day of the establishment of the college itself. The boy’s hostel, with one hundred and nineteen rooms, is situated beside the sports complex. Due to a lack of space, it offers accommodation based on merit, only.

The various departments of the college have their societies. Such as Ibtida, the dramatics society, the Indian Music Society named ‘Alankar’, the English Debating society, and Vivre, the film society that goes to the extent of hosting an annual fest titled ‘Snap’ It even has an Internship Cell and an Investment Cell.

The College Parliament allocated the funds to the various societies, and the student’s parliament, which is elected entirely by the students looks entirely into the needs and demands of the students. It has been functioning well through a broad span of years.
Given the fact that it hosts a wide range of studies and subjects all over, it includes 16 Departments which include departments such as Sanskrit, Statistics, English, and Philosophy. All of which are blessed with a high reputation.

The Placement Cell – Disha

The Hindu College witnesses lots of companies offering appointment letters to students across various courses. The college has a dedicated placement cell, Disha which has been contributing continuously in bringing the companies to college to hire students for various job roles. Disha organizes several workshops and seminars for students to enhance their knowledge on career-related issues. Over the years many organizations have visited. Some of the organizations are Protiviti, DE Shaw, Jaypee, Ernst, and Young Essar, HDFC, KPMG, Maruti, Google, Deloitte, and Royal Sundaram Alliance

For more information refer to the college website here.

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