Hospitality Management

Hospitality Management

Hospitality is simply an opportunity to show, love, and care. Hospitality majorly refers to the relationship between a host and a guest, wherein the guest receives goodwill which includes reception and entertainment by the host. Around the globe, hospitality management is also referred to as hotel management, hotel and tourism management, or hotel administration. The hospitality industry is one of the strongest and one of the fastest-growing industries throughout the world in terms of overall GDP, Growth, and Employment.

In India hospitality is based on the principle ‘ATITHI DEVO BHAVA’ meaning, the guest is God. In ancient Indian culture, hospitality involved welcoming the stranger and offering them food, shelter, and safety. “ATITHI DEVO BHAVA” is working as an important campaign by the Indian government to prosper the tourism industry as well the hospitality industry as both the industries suffice the need of the country, as these industries contribute, 7.5 percent of the country’s GDP. 

Hospitality management is also proving to be a boon to many aspiring youngsters as it provides ample career options in the hotel industry, the tours and travels, and even the event managing fields. Hospitality management also provides career options which include hotel operation, entertainment, luxury, food and beverage, online technology, health, and wellness which includes spas, fitness, and private clinics. The average salary of a hospitality manager is about $45,000 a year. When you have a privileged job as a hospitality manager, you are welcomed to enjoy all types of perks. You can enjoy a vacation in a resort or a hotel with no charges to be paid. Also, the members of your family are privileged to enjoy all the amenities without any cost along with an ample amount of benefits. If you are a part of the hospitality management, you will be obliged in finding a good position in this career path, if you enjoy meeting new people, making friends, working with tourists and also, corporate officials.

The responsibility which is majorly concerned with the hospitality manager is to ensure that the travelers have an amazing, pleasantry experience. The manager is the one responsible for looking out for his guests and maintain proper decorum in his resort or the motel. His skills should be sharpened so that he has the ability to manage any chaos which occurs in the resort or the motel ” responding instantly for any emergencies such as uncalled problem should be taken care of within his supervision. The manager is the one important beam whose role is overseeing the administrative tasks of a hotel, resort. The candidate must be multi-talented to make a mark in such a huge field. From polite demeanor to excellent communication skills, from a customer-oriented approach to taking responsibilities, from confidence to a good listener, from the ability to adjust in a crowd to have the ability to be committed and dedicated to a task, are the features of the candidate.

Hospitality management is also a highly competitive industry, but you can find different hospitality companies everywhere and anywhere around the globe. Because of which you’ll find unlimited job opportunities in your career in your locale or abroad equally. It is a field which is looked up to the people who are interested in meeting new people along with a good salary.

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