How to become an Air Hostess

How to become an Air Hostess

Air Hostess is someone who is employed by the airlines to make sure the safety and the needs of the passengers traveling in commercial flights, business flights, or some military aircraft. The female cabin crew is known as an air hostess and the male cabin crew is known as a flight attendant. The main role of an air hostess is to ensure the safety of the passengers before takeoff’s and to provide routine services, to respond during emergencies and to ensure the comforts of the passengers traveling to abroad. Firstly, air hostess will be having a safety briefing with the pilots, and she will instruct the passengers regarding the safety tools provided in the flight and she should also demonstrate how to use the oxygen mask and the devices provided in the flight. Nowadays, the airline business is so competitive that the service duties of an air hostess includes passing out the pillows and reading materials to the passengers before the takeoff’s and also providing booster seats for toddlers etc¦and she should also serve drinks, meals, and snacks to the passengers. The main administrative duty that an air hostess has is to report any incidents due to an emergency in the flight. A fair hostess must learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation procedures(CPR) during the training.

“Smiling faces will have a sad or tragic story behind it”, like that behind each and every smiling air hostess there is a lot of hard work that they put in and achieved. To get qualified in this field a female should have a higher secondary certificate and a diploma in Hotel/Tourism management, she should also have the ability to hold an Indian passport, should be below the age of 25 years with the height of 157.7cm. The weight should be proportional to the height, healthy, should be unmarried with normal eyesight. She should also have fluency in languages like Hindi, Tamil, English with a foreign accent and other international languages. Personal attribution includes basic responsibilities, initiative, friendliness, stamina, presence of mind, etc.

If you have pleasant and wide thoughts and also know how to easily mingle with all types of people then pursuing a career in commercial planes as air hostess can be better. Most importantly you will need fluency in languages(includes national and international) and a positive attitude towards everything in the flight right from departure to destination points. Air hostess are normally trained in the headquarters of the city from four weeks to six months depending upon the rules and norms of the country and the airlines. They are trained regarding safety measures, emergency situations, and the use of evacuations. There are also schools that teach practically the services that an air hostess does in the plane/flight.

There are so much effort and pain that a female put in to become an air hostess. Starting from fitness to fluency and patience, she should train herself to adhere the same. She should have a pleasant voice and a systematic approach towards duty and should also have a pleasing personality. Air hostess has to be patient and also satisfy passengers, in case of any emergencies she should have the ability to handle the problem in a wisely manner.

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