How to check CBSE result?

How to check CBSE result?

Central Board of Secondary Education is an education board for Primary and Secondary schools in India. It is a central government body. Many schools around India are affiliated to CBSE and the main medium of teaching in those schools in English. The CBSE conducts the examinations for the 10th and 12th standards as board examinations. In many states, the 10th CBSE examination is equivalent to the SSC examination for the state board of education or ICSE. CBSE isn’t as globally recognized as ICSE is but has more of a number of schools affiliated to it than CISCE. More than 31,00,00 appeared for the CBSE 12th standard board examinations in 2020.

The CBSE examinations are conducted on alternate days with national holidays and Sunday being the exceptions. There are six exams in total, excluding the practical examinations. The CBSE result is given in terms of Grade Point Average (GPA) with 10 being the highest achievable grade for both 10th and 12th class. CBSE curriculum is suitable for most of the entrance exams to colleges in India including IIT JEE and other state entrance exams. Many students write CBSE exams in the allocated centers. The allocated center for students can be found on the official website The facilities provided by the website are many and students can stay updated on many things regarding the exams on the website as it is updated regularly.

There are a lot of ways to check the results of CBSE exams. There are options to view them online, to get SMS alerts on the results, and many more. This might seem confusing to many students are there isn’t any single right option. Also, due to the high influx of requests from students on the results day, the official results website might not work properly and be overloaded by requests. This has seen the rise of other websites that download the results from the official site and post them on their website. Some of such sites are,, etc. The website is the official site for checking the result.

CBSE results can also be checked through SMS as some websites provide the option to students. As soon as the results are out, SMS is sent to the registered mobile number. It is more comfortable than checking through websites as it is less time-consuming. Many students anticipate their result and as soon as the results are announced, they hop on to the official website to check the result. Due to the huge traffic on the servers, many students might get an error stating that the website took too long to respond. In such cases, it is best to keep refreshing on a timely basis or come back to the site after some time. Checking the CBSE result takes a lot of patience due to all the technical difficulties and the SMS option is also available for the students who aren’t in a hurry as SMS can take a while after the announcement of results. One can find many websites offering results online. A student must check all the sites to get the results quickly and without much hassle.

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