How to Get a Migration Certificate from CBSE?

How to Get a Migration Certificate from CBSE?

It is probably that time of the year again when hordes of high school students have just completed their boards and are looking for opportunities at the higher levels of education. Apart from the general anticipation and buzz that surrounds the exam pattern and the marking scheme which notices slight modifications almost every year, there is also the question of result declaration dates and just the overall palpable excitement that surrounds the student community. However, keeping all these facts aside, there is also the worry of arranging various documentation with the migration certificate, often playing a rather central role in this.

Let us start with the very basics of the terminology: it is meaning. A migration certificate is issued by the board or university body after completion of the final exams that would essentially contribute to the student moving out of that particular board or institution for future opportunities. A migration essentially comes in handy when you need to change your board or university. After the completion of their 10th standard board examinations, many students have been found to shift their boards to meet their requirements, and this is where the migration certificate comes in handy. What differentiates a migration certificate from a transfer certificate is that the latter is issued by the institution when you pass out.

In case you are in immediate need of the migration certificate, CBSE has now made it much easier for students and parents by opening up services online to assist this process. One unique aspect regarding CBSE is its Digilocker facility where all the information pertaining to its students is stored. The first step to obtaining the certificate would be by going to the Google Play Store and downloading the DigiLocker app. The next step would be the generic process of creating an account with password protection and getting it linked with your Adhaar card number. Next, click on the class XII certificate link and enter in all the required details like your name, roll number, year of passing, etc. alongside the certificate that you want to generate and click on the submit option. The migration certificate will automatically get digitally transferred to your mobile device. However, if you are in no hurry and are quite comfortable with the conventional mode of things, then you can always wait for CBSE to send the certificate directly to your school and you can collect it from there later.

So if it is so seamless when it comes to obtaining the migration certificate why all the fuss surrounding it, you may ask? Well for one, students who are planning to shift out of their current board and look for opportunities elsewhere are in dire need of the certificate since most institutions won’t offer you admission without this being present in the list of documents that you need to submit. Next, different institutions have their own academic calendar with some starting as early as June and others extending well into the later months of the year. Since the admission process often begins many months prior to the start of the semester it is essential to have all the documents ready by that time.

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