How to Join Merchant Navy

Merchant Navy is a fleet of merchant vessels, the ships that carry goods and sometimes passengers across places. A merchant navy is generally registered in a country. There a lot of legal aspects to it too. King George V of England first gave the title to a bunch of merchant ships during World War II. Since then, it has been used a lot. Merchant navy has a lot of ranks just like the traditional navy. The positions or jobs include engineers, maritime law professionals, etc. There are a lot of jobs in the merchant navy, and they are not low paying either. Merchant navy offers a decent salary to its crew.

There are a lot of perks of being in the merchant navy. One of the most obvious is the exposure to different cultures. A merchant navy marine will travel to a lot of corners of the world and will be exposed to a lot of different cultures. This is very good as it helps an individual grow and improve communication skills. Also, once in a merchant navy, one has to be in brotherhood and work as a unit. This means a lot of collaboration. As this is key to any job, merchant navy workers have an edge when it comes to other jobs as well. There is also the adventure of sea travel and the loads of different areas they get to work on from ship duty to fishing. Merchant navy officers have to use limited resources to go through a certain period. Also, if someone becomes an established merchant navy officer, he/she might be exempt from certain taxes! There are a lot of perks to being a merchant navy officer.

To join the merchant navy, there are a lot of different ways. One can join the merchant navy even after completing high school. The jobs that high school graduates acquire are generally of the lower ranks but decent-paying jobs. Even graduates of various fields can apply for jobs as a ship needs a lot of people to get going. Engineers, marine law professionals, celestial navigation professionals are some of the professionals operating. There is also the job of ship captain which is given to people who show great leadership qualities.

If you want to join the merchant navy soon after completion of high school, you must first appear for an entrance screening test. Then, after qualifying that, there will be an interview and some medical tests. You also might have to take a six-month training course. There are different procedures for different ranks but these are the common ones. One can also get in if they are recommended by an established merchant navy officer. Generally, for people who don’t want to pursue studies after high school, the merchant navy is a wonderful opportunity to earn a living and get some wonderful experiences. If you want to join the merchant navy as a professional such as an engineer, one must surely pass medical tests and also a screening test. The type of job you take is very important and must also be considered. Overall, joining the merchant navy is easy if one has passed high school and is in good shape. Fitness is key to this job as it involves a long and sometimes painful sea journey. But, it is a high paying job with a lot of perks and the job demand is also high. Individuals willing to join a merchant navy should contact a company and ask for full details for employment to get a clearer picture of the job.

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