How to pursue MTech without GATE score?

How to pursue MTech without GATE score?

Master of Engineering (ME), popularly known as MTech is a professional PG course in engineering and is taken up by many undergraduates across the world. The number of Engineers in India is very high. It produces up to 25% of the engineers in the world every year. MTech is a degree for engineering graduates and is hence very popular among students in India. The most popular way of getting into universities for an MTech degree is through the Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE). It is an entrance exam which is recognized by many top universities across India. The GATE score of a student decides the college one gets into for doing their MTech. Generally, most of the students ask this question of Doing MTech without GATE Score. Is it Possible?

There are many coaching centers to help in coaching for GATE. The main reason for this is the popularity of the exam among interested students. Many students apply for GATE every year hoping to get into top colleges in India such as IITs, NITs, etc. Although writing GATE is popular and is probably a better option to get into universities, one can pursue their MTech without GATE too. This is possible in many colleges through sponsored seats where a candidate is sponsored by their employer to get a seat in the colleges. This facility is available in many colleges including IISc, IITs, and NITs. There are other methods of getting into colleges as well.

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The general way of avoiding GATE to get into MTech programs is to write a special entrance test that is particular to a specific college. IIITs, for example, conduct private entrance tests to interested candidates to select their students. The situation is the same with well-known colleges such as

Some state-wise entrance tests are also conducted in India such as:

  • AP PGCET by Andhra Pradesh
  • TS PGCET by Telangana
  • PGCET by Karnataka.

Departmental tests are also conducted by various universities to filter out candidates.

How to do MTech without GATE?

  • Applying for Private College: One can also get into MTech without any entrance tests by applying to certain Private and deemed universities which charge a fee to secure a seat. All these are the ways to get a seat in the MTech course without writing GATE.
  • Clearing College Exam: Many Universities which provide their own entrance test are popular among Engineering graduates. Like BITS, VIT, SRM.
  • Clearing State level Exams: Although not many people realize it, the GATE isn’t the only way to get into universities. Some states conduct their own exams as well. Like AP PGCET by Andhra Pradesh, TS PGCET by Telangana, PGCET by Karnataka.

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GATE is probably one of the most commonly taken exams by engineering graduates and that is okay as it provides an opportunity to get into many premium colleges of India. But, when one is looking for other options, or doing MTECH without GATE through private entrance exams can be very helpful. Even though one might opt for writing private entrance exams of specific colleges, it is better to write GATE too as the GATE score can help secure a seat in many other colleges as well. GATE coaching is also useful in private entrances as the syllabi for many entrance tests coincide with that of GATE. Due to this reason, even though there are many mentioned alternatives to GATE, it is always better to at least attempt it.

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