Education is a very crucial part of any child’s life. It is the parent’s duty to make sure that their child gets the best education and future. But, with plenty of boards to choose from, it has become increasingly difficult to find the right board for one’s child. Of course, the boards have their own agendas and goals they wish to accomplish and impart a specific kind of knowledge to the students, but, knowing about different boards and their goals can go a long way in picking the right school for any kid. One such boards are the IGCSE. The IGCSE, in fact, is one of the most popular school education boards, not just in India but across the whole world! And with the increasing number of schools under the boards in India, knowing a bit about it might help.

The International General Certificate of Secondary Education or IGCSE for short is an English based exam taken by many students of secondary education all around the world. It is similar to GCSE is England or CBSE in India but is far more recognized around the world. The board controlling the curriculum, exam, and everything about IGCSE is the IGCSE board. IGCSE is a comprehensive program for students of 9th and 10th grade and passing the final exam leads to the certification of the students. IGCSE is conducted by two bodies, namely: Edexcel and Cambridge. Both offer the course in slightly different versions.
IGCSE board gives students grades for their exams. The general grading system has grades A+ to G with A+ being the highest. The general subjects to be taken for any IGCSE student are

  1. Languages
  2. Humanities
  3. Social Sciences
  4. Sciences
  5. Mathematics
  6. Creative

The creative courses might including drawing, dancing, etc. and are crucial for the certification as they are what give the uniqueness to the IGCSE. As is common with many education boards for secondary education, IGCSE concentrates heavily on many technical topics but in addition to them, creative courses are also held in high regard. The difference between a board like CBSE and IGCSE one would say is the fact that IGCSE goes on a limb to bring out the creativeness in students instead of just imparting knowledge that they might or might not use.

The IGCSE has been criticized for its high depth in content matter and is generally considered a viable option for the brighter students but some might not agree with that statement. IGCSE does have a curriculum that includes a very broad syllabus for all the subjects but that is because the aim of the board is to give students the experience they need in any topic of their choosing. For example, there are over 100 languages to select from in the Cambridge IGCSE, granted not every school might provide most of them as options. So, IGCSE is a very thorough certification program for students pursuing their secondary education and it is recognized worldwide. So, if any student is interested in widening their horizons and getting an internationally accepted certification, IGCSE seems to be the right choice.

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