Indian Institute of Mass Communication

If media, media studies, journalism is your dream job, then the Indian Institute Of Mass Communication is your institute of optimistic beginning. Mass Communication has emerged to be a good career option for students all over. It is gaining heights as an academic discipline and has proved to be a major attraction for students. Different methodology apart from class teaching, training, and research is put to use for students of IIMC.

Mass Communication Course

The Institute has a Governing Body, the Executive Council, headed by a Chairman, with the Director-General of the Institute, representatives of the faculty, and eminent media persons as members. In 1969, a major international training program, the Postgraduate Diploma Course in Journalism for Developing Countries, for a middle level working journalists from Afro-Asian countries, was introduced. IIMC offers Diplomas in Journalism, Public Relations and Advertising, and Electronic ( Radio and TV) journalism. It is a nine-month course wherein admission is granted by entrance test and examination. The competition is fierce as the intake is 30 students per course out of over 6,000 applicants.

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