Instagram Advertising

Instagram Advertising

Social media was revolutionary back in the late 1990s when Facebook started to grow and become a worldwide phenomenon. The rise in social media then is just huge. Today, there are many social media platforms intended for different uses. These social media range from Reddit and Facebook to modern ones such as WhatsApp and Telegram. Social media created a whole new world, a world where distances meant nothing, a world where one could find virtually anyone, be it a childhood friend or a potential customer for businesses. Then, after years of change and innovation, social media has now transformed into something much bigger than just a platform to connect with people.

These days, social media is used in many ways, some use it to spread information while others use it to text over the internet in a secure way. The end-to-end encryption brought forward by WhatsApp was revolutionary in many ways as it provided security to all the users. Instagram is one such social media platform. Instagram has gained traction as a competitor for Facebook but was quickly bought by Mark Zuckerberg, CEO, and founder of Facebook. Instagram is a platform where one could post their pictures. Unlike Facebook, Instagram’s main purpose is to post pictures and to market oneself to the world. The number of Instagram users has grown almost exponentially over the last few years.

Today, there are more than double active users on Instagram as compared to Twitter. This is a great opportunity for advertisers as they are looking at social media that is rapidly growing. Advertisements use a lot of pictures, and Instagram is made for pictures. Many advertisers around the world campaign about their product on social media. Some even employ actors to post an advert of their product in their Instagram profile. Some even post stories highlighting key changes or improvements to their products or even to advertise new products. Instagram ads will get a lot of viewership to the sheer number of people using the platform.

Many small and large businesses have used Instagram for advertising, and many still do. It is effective to get people to know about one’s product, and it is cheaper than many other alternatives. There are five types of ads on Instagram viz. Photo ads, Video ads, Slideshow ads, Instagram stories ads and carousel ads. Marketers use these types for advertising their products cleverly. As many major companies are advertising on Instagram, many small businesses have followed their lead, and many of them are benefitting too. Today, Instagram has over 800 million users, second only to Facebook and for marketers to advertise, there are demographics that show the statistical data on users. Advertisers can use this information to better market their product. All this has only increased the number of companies advertising on Instagram. It is surely a safe place to market for any company and good research on how to advertise on Instagram will surely go a long way. On Instagram, with people logging on to platform every hour of every day, the viewership is high for the ads, and the number of potential customers is huge. It is cheaper and less risky and is more likely to yield good ROI. All these indicate that Instagram advertising is beneficial to a company of any scale.

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