International Institute of Hotel Management

International Institute of Hotel Management

Hotel Management is a growing field in India. It is a part of hospitality management and offers a wide variety of opportunities in the hotel industry. The International Institute of Hotel Management (IIHM) boasts of being the top hotel management college in India. Ten branches across India located in major cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, etc. It is one of the premium institutes for Hotel Management in India. It offers many facilities to its students to get them hands-on experience in hotel management. It has been met with positive reviews and acclamations from both its students and the media. The IIHM is a very popular college for Hotel Management in India.

IIHM was founded in 1994 in collaboration with the University of West London, London. It is a part of IndiSmart Group, a conglomerate that offers a wide range of services in Hospitality management and operates the IndiSmart hotels. IIHM was the first college in India to offer Hotel Management as a degree and train students in globally recognized skills of hospitality management. It also offers an opportunity to get an international degree from UWL, London. IIHM is also the largest hotel management school chain in India with 10 branches across the country. It also has a branch in Thailand. IIHM is also tied up with DeVry USA, Australia, Mauritius, Middle East, and South Asian counties.

IIHM has over 10,000 Alumni, working across the globe in various renowned and large hotel chains. In Canada, IIHM is developing a partnership with George Brown College to help students study and live in Canada. Since its conception, over 3000 students of IIHM have relished their careers across the US, Europe, Canada, and South Asia. Due to these connections, IIHM is still the top college for Hotel Management of India, and it is not showing any signs to get rid of that title. It is also tied up with many hotels across the world due to its high-quality training. Many hotel chains in the world are sought after the Alumni of IIHM, and this is because they are well trained in the arts of hospitality and hotel management.

IIHM also invites students from various countries and ethnicities such as from Thailand, Singapore, Armenia, South Africa, etc. to train and study with Indian students. This gives a lot of international exposure to students on various cultures of the world and helps improve their skill set. IIHM is a nationally recognized and ranked brand. According to the Economic Times, it is The Best Educational Brand in various cities such as Kolkata, Hyderabad, Thailand, etc. The training and placements of IIHM are extensive and almost guarantee a good future for all the students. IIHM is a dream for many hotel management aspirants and it is because of all the international and national opportunities it provides. As time progresses, IIHM is only building its network and with the collaboration of various institutes across the world, it is trying to expose its students to all the intricacies of their course and create better hotel management professionals who are capable of working anywhere in the world. It is the top college for Hotel Management in India and anyone interested in the field must surely try to get into one of its branches.

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