Interview Questions for Cyber Security

Interview Questions for Cyber Security

Cybersecurity has always been a field with exciting career opportunities. With good talents, one could easily find themselves in new situations. There is a lot of shortage of cybersecurity professionals across the globe, especially with the rise in technology and an increase in devices in the hands of people. Corporations, governments, even individuals seeking protection need cybersecurity professionals. Digital security is a very crucial matter for many because, after the digital revolution, almost everything is stored inside computers, smartphones, servers, and other such digital devices. Due to this, many people try to extract confidential information for various reasons. Some do it to spread knowledge for free while others try to extort money. There are many laws aimed to reduce such crimes. But, in countries like India, there is a massive need for cybersecurity professionals, and there seems to be no reduction in the growth of the field.

The points stated above illustrate why cybersecurity is a scorching field for job opportunities. Many cybersecurity professionals, when they’re applying for various jobs such as information security manager, database security manager, etc. have no idea how to prepare for an interview or what the interviewer might ask. There are a lot of things any interviewer looks for in a possible recruit. But, one must always be prepared to take on any technical challenge the interviewer might have.

Popular questions asked in cybersecurity interviews are:

  1. What is cybersecurity? (The obvious one)
  2. Differences between symmetric and asymmetric encryption
  3. Different types of encryption algorithms
  4. How could one detect security vulnerabilities in a system?
  5. Why is encryption important?
  6. What is the CIA triad?
  7. How much do you know about cybersecurity frameworks?
  8. Which platform do you think is the best for cybersecurity and why?
  9. How does one set up a firewall?
  10. What is SSL?
  11. Differences between HTTP and HTTPS
  12. Which should you do first? Compress or Encrypt?
  13. How does the traceroute tool work?
  14. What is cross-site scripting or XSS?
  15. What steps could be taken to prevent XSS?
  16. What are various web vulnerabilities that developers often overlook?
  17. What is stack overflow?
  18. How can stack overflow result in data leakage?
  19. What are the various levels of data classification?
  20. How can one defend oneself from CSRF attacks?
  21. Who are the different types of hackers?
  22. What is hashing?
  23. How is hashing different from encryption?
  24. How can you mitigate DDoS?
  25. What is the architecture of the web?
  26. Explain the OSI model

There are many such questions that one might ask. These are the most asked ones. Also, soft skills are crucial to an interview and they must also be taken care of. Interviews in cybersecurity are tricky as there is no single answer to most of the practical questions. One might use one technique while the other might be inclined towards another approach. So, it is important to remember that every type of job needs a different type of cybersecurity professional and the answer to their questions needs to be in that way. But, cybersecurity jobs are plenty and they are in high demand. So, it is crucial to know all the interview questions one can find.

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