Is MSc in Biotechnology Worth It?

Is MSc in Biotechnology Worth It?

Biotechnology is the field of biology that technologically uses biological creatures or systems to modify products for a specific use. Biotechnology has four major fields: Health care, agriculture, industrial biotechnology, and the environment. It is also sometimes defined as the exploitation of biological processes for industrial or commercial use. Biotechnology is a fairly new field all over the world. It has not fully developed yet and is under a lot of research. It is very little we know about how we can exploit natural organic systems to produce technological benefits. There are a few universities that offer both masters and bachelor’s degrees in biotechnology. There are bachelor’s programs that combine biotechnology with engineering making it an engineering degree.
In India, biotechnology is a very new field, and there are still very fewer opportunities for graduates in biotechnology. Even in developed countries such as the US, there are only a few opportunities. Even if one secures a job in the field, it is often low paying job compared to other fields such as computer engineering or electrical engineering. Most of the jobs offered in the field are in the area of research and development. It is ironic that most universities offer biotechnology as an engineering course while the jobs are mostly based on research, but that’s the way things are for now.

There is also very little scope for practical hands-on working for the students as internships in the field are rare to come by. In India, biotechnology is met with fear and contempt. It is often disregarded as a career because of the highly competitive job environment. FMCG companies and research institutes are the most sought after job markets in the field. Some universities often bloat up the content of the course with stuff like data structures which are useless to the actual field of study. This is because there is still a lot of research in the field. There are many things to be uncovered, and from the little we know, we have done very much.
Healthcare is a dry sector for now, but with the increasing development of nanotechnology, it is expected that biotechnology will play a bigger part in future healthcare. But, for now, the job conditions are bleak, and one must only choose this field if one wants to take the risk of future development or if one is passionate about it. Biotechnology is still a future endeavor. We haven’t still cracked the code of biotechnology. Especially in India, the field is very new and hence requires a lot of courage to pursue it as a lot of Indian companies are not conducting research on it at the moment. Research institutes are the way to go for biotechnology jobs.

Even though all this sounds bleak, there is still a glimmer of hope. Biotechnology is very futuristic as it will help us unlock the hidden powers of nature. Using life itself to boost our technological products is surely very hard to do. If one can hang on to the field for some time, it is surely going to improve. It is dependent on a lot of factors, but the important thing is that a lot of research is going on in the field and that means that there are going to be huge breakthroughs and there is going to be a boom for the field. We don’t know when for sure but it will surely happen. For now, though, a master’s in biotechnology is a gamble.

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