Job Options for Dentist

Job Options for Dentist

Every dental student who is reading this article must be knowing about the race of getting an admission to a dental college. After passing your 12th, children with a dream of becoming a dentist struggles for getting admission to the colleges in India which is very tough because you have to go through competitive exams, moreover your seats are reserved for several categories like SC ST and OBC.

After you pass the exam and secure a good rank you get your admission into a dental college or you apply by management quota where you have to pay several lakhs of rupees in your admission and your tuition fees. Then for studying for 5 years, you get your degree of BDS which is just graduation. Many people go for Masters that is MDS in dentistry because a post-graduate degree is also needed in the Healthcare sector for practicing in your clinic. Everybody who is reading this article till now must be knowing about the struggle of a fresher in dentistry. After completing your BDS you can apply for jobs that can pay you a few thousands of money to have a living of your own.

After BDS you can also go for Masters, MDS brings no change other than 3 years of experience doing specialty. MDS graduate gets not more than 35 thousand initially if they join any clinic or hospital. So you must be in a dilemma of where a dental student is a BDS or MDS should go for jobs. There are various jobs in India for the dentist but they pay very low. The big deal for a dentist is to work hard and put their constant efforts to be a successful practitioner. Few options as a job for a dentist are stated below: Joining a clinic: by joining a clinic you will be able to the clinical work and you can improve your clinical hand which can help you in gaining the confidence and trust of your patients. It can help you earn 10000 to 25000 of money within a few months.

Opening a clinic: by opening your clinic you can start your own business and can earn from thousands to lacs within years. But you need to have good communication skills and good practical handwork for that. You can do wonders by setting up your clinic at a good location which can drive many patients at your clinic.

Joining a college: by becoming a teacher or a lecturer in college can earn you 20000 to 35000 rupees initially. It depends on your Institute or firm how much pay they will give you.

Government jobs for dentists: jobs in the Indian army, navy, railways are most sought after by new dentists. You can also apply for state government vacancies for dental surgeons. These are highly reputed and good paid jobs. Dental blogging: this is a new area where the dentist can try their luck. If you have good communication skills and can connect a large number of people through your articles, pictures, videos, blogging can bring you wonders. You can earn by blogging from your home.

Go abroad and work as a dentist: countries like US UK New Zealand and Gulf countries pay a good amount of salary to the foreign-trained dentist. You just need to have some amount of experience and good communication skills with good practical hand. Change your field: MBA or MPH after BDS is now a trend. People change their field and go for business studies as in MBA or go for public health which is a non-clinical field. This area helps you to provide a good amount of money and a good lifestyle. Research: applying for research jobs like government-funded research organizations or clinical research in Apollo and Fortis are in high demand. People get paid well moreover there is a lot of demand in foreign countries for such research works. So you can have a variety of opportunities in India or foreign countries to work as a dentist and can earn good money with your hard work and putting constant efforts.

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