Jobs after MBA

Jobs after MBA

There are a variety of job chances after completing a two-year degree course. Striking salary is offered to MBA qualified candidates. The management sector is one of the highest paying sectors. MBA graduate can get jobs in the following sectors:

  • Banking and Finance: MBA candidates can find an immense variety of jobs in insurance, security firms, banks, and various other financial organizations. Some companies that offer jobs to MBA graduates are JP Morgan, RBS, Goldman Sachs and etc.
  • Management Consulting: The liability of a management consultant is to solve the problem related to the organization; the consultant should clinch new ideas and problem-solving means to companies.
  • Investment Banking: Jobs in this sector are on high demand these days to tie investors to fund the organization. Some companies which hire candidates are SBI Capital Markets, Motilal Oswal.
  • Data Analytics: due to the digital uprising, big data has become important for all types of businesses such as banking and management. Admired companies such as Fractal analytics, LatentView Analysis offer jobs to MBA graduates as a data scientist.
  • Entrepreneurship: it is the most accepted option among MBA graduates. To become an entrepreneur only that one needs is a creative mind and artistic skills to excel in his field.
    Corporate Treasury
    Finance, Marketing, and Sales
    Information System Management

MBA Graduates can work as:

  • Brand manager
  • Management consultant
  • International Business Manager
  • Marketing manager
  • Business technical consultant
  • Account Manager

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