Jobs in Banking Sector

Jobs in Banking Sector

Jobs in Banking Sector: The banking sector has always been one of the most lucrative career options for many students. The banking sector has a variety of job options. It provides an array of job opportunities to choose from. It has various entry-level jobs as well as executive and administration levels.

  1. Data Entry Operator: It is a clerical level job, where the operator has to assists and look after the managerial documents dealing with customer service. They generally have to look after the process involved in the opening of bank accounts.
  2. Marketing Operator: It is also dealing with customer service. Their job is to promote the branch. Also to preach policies and various banking details to people in general.


Generally, students with a commerce and management background have easy entry into the banking sector. Primarily because banking is all about numbers. Although commerce is not something that runs the banks. To have a banking career one must know a lot about the modern economy and quantitative techniques. Perhaps a degree in management gives you an excellent approach to understand the various facets of banking.
Nowadays due to high competition having a graduation degree is perhaps not enough. Although if you want to start early, you can quickly get a job in an entry-level job.

The various career options one can avail to after graduation are :

  1. Management of financial services of the banking sector. It also is about understanding the economics and the banking sector.
  2. Effective banking communication with the customer. This is primarily human resource management with the clientele of the bank.
  3. Quantitative Techniques in Banking.
  4. Organizational behavior in Banking organizations.
  5. Taxation of Financial Services.
  6. Laws relating to Banking & Insurance.
  7. Cost Accounting of B&I Services.
  8. Equity Debt.
  9. Corporate Laws are governing Capital Markets.


A banking career after masters has always been a great, lucrative career option for a lot. This life comes with a deep understanding of mergers and acquisitions. Apart from core banking jobs, there are also various jobs in personnel in the banking organization. It is about strategic planning and business management. To have a lucrative banking career in today’s time, one must adopt him/herself with modern economic times. Therefore to have a good knowledge of International Business Management in Banking Organizations is advised. Along with an understanding of human resources and strategic planning in banking organizations.

Mass Communication Courses in India :

Mass Communication essentially means the communication of information to a distinct mass of people. It is a creative field of work, and it ranges from a varied making of placards for advertisements to feature-length films.

The various courses that are available within India are :

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Mass Communication.
  2. Bachelor of Science in Media Studies.
  3. English, Hindi, and Urdu Journalism.
  4. Diploma Courses In Development Journalism.
  5. Courses In New Media and Information Technology.
  6. Post Graduate Diploma In Radio and Television Journalism.
  7. Diploma in Public Relations.
  8. Post Graduate Diploma in Acting and Visual Arts.
  9. Post Graduate Diploma in Broadcast Journalism.
  10. Post Graduate in Mass Media.

Generally, the long term courses teach about communication to various students via a distinct medium. It might be a phone application, radio, or news. So to avail to it, many institutes offer various short term courses as well. They include :

  1. Courses on Photography.
  2. Courses on Video Editing.
  3. Courses on Journalism.
  4. Courses on Visual arts.
  5. Courses on Copywriting.

These are however short term courses ranging from Rupees 15,000 to 40,000. The long term courses cost around 40,000/- to 2 lacks. However, it depends on the institutions.

Few of the reputed institutes of Mass Communication in India are :

  1. India Institute Of Mass Communication.
  2. A.J.Kidwai Institute of Mass Communication.
  3. International Institute Of Mass Media.
  4. IAAN School Of Mass Communication.
  5. Indraprastha College For Women. Department Of Multi-Media and Mass Communication.

These are a few to name. Whereas there are a lot of options to choose from when it comes to mass communication.

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