Journalism Courses in India

Journalism Courses in India

Journalism refers to the activity of production and distribution of reports on any ongoing events in and around the locality. It is an occupation also activity of writing for newspapers or magazines. In simple terms, journalism refers to the gathering and presenting news either in print or in the broadcast.
Journalism in print is different from that of the broadcast. Print journalism requires lots of labor work to be done. Firstly, the reporter should get the events for the day and he should report to the place on time and should cover the game, then he/she will write the article and send it to the editor. Print journalism requires a lot of time and energy because early in the morning the copies of the newspaper should be ready and before that everything has to be completed. Anyways today people have everything in their hands (i.e.) smartphones. They can get news wherever they go and when they want. Now the question arises “nowadays no one is ready to buy newspapers, then how come the print media can cope up with the financial issues?”, the answer to this is: the print media gains profit from the advertisement, if there is no advertisement then it will be a pathetic situation for the print media to serve its house.
When it comes to broadcast journalism, it is a type of news reporting which is presented to the public electronically or by radio. Earlier, communication was the primary source of news to the people, but nowadays we have news in our hands, minute by minute we can get the news this is due to the improvement of technology. Broadcast media needs capital to fit its media house, and there are some loopholes that broadcast media also faces. First and mainly the rising competition between media houses. Secondly, changing viewers’ behavior, attitude and preferences, this is due to the choice they have and the competition you face. Thirdly, lacking in quality content, this is due to the changing perspectives from the viewer, and there is a huge competition. Therefore, there is a demand for quality content.
Not only this journalism provides so many opportunities like sports journalism, comic journalism, database journalism, tabloid journalism, investigative journalism, enterprise journalism, etc.. The benefit that one gets by pursuing journalism is immense if he/she doesn’t appear in anyone he/she can try any other field.

The main formula to be followed in journalism is ethics, timeliness, and newsworthiness. These three tools are important for journalism. One who pursues a journalism course will eventually learn how to communicate with people, how to communicate with higher officials, different writing skills, one becomes dynamic, and one knows how to handle problems. A journalism course can make one’s dull school life brighter. In the present generation, media plays a vital role and journalism is a voice for voiceless. It is the only way to reach out to the people and allow them to raise their voices and opinions and this is the only way to reach out to the victims and bring justice to them. Journalism provides us with immense opportunities and allows us to explore to get more experiences.

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