Know About the Functions of Advertising

Know About the Functions of Advertising

As you all know Advertising is a Marketing Strategy used by various Companies and Businesses.

Instead of being cliche, we will directly go to the functions of Advertising: 

  1. Identifying Brands and Products: – Product and services are sold through business and are differentiated by their brands, brand identities are covered or communicated through advertisements. Consumers build relationships with the product through ads.
  2. Providing Information to the Public: – As you all know that brand gets popularised only through advertising because advertisements provide righT Information to the public and through ads, they build a lot of trusteeship with the brand as well as the product.
  3. Generating Product Demand: – One of the most important functions of advertising is creating demand for the product. They create demand by publishing advertisements targeting a specific set of customers who would probably end buying the product. Advertisements act as a magnet by attracting customers towards the product. Hence it creates demand.
  4. Building Customer Loyalty: – As we know advertising provideS Information about benefits about the product or service, it increases brand loyalty. To increase the reliability, they also seek to maintain a good relationship with the customers and even by providing quality advertisement with adequate information consistently
  5. Improve the standard of Living: – Advertisements guide the customers to select the product. They enrich customers by giving benefits to the product and its advantages. Advertising has guided people to adopt better and new ways of living. Advertisements show the customers about the up-gradation of various products and hence end increasing the standard of living.
  6. Displaying Competitive Pricing: – Advertising is the main source for business people; it shows consumer goods with competitive prices. Advertising gives you a product with a variety of brands and at different rates.
  7. Persuading Consumers to Purchase: – Advertisements influence or makes the customers believe the product and also make the purchase.

Lets now take a look upon the types as well as the sources of types of advertising.


  1. NEWSPAPER: – Newspaper advertising can promote your product to a large crowd of customers. Newspapers are also a huge source of advertising.
  2. MAGAZINE: – Magazine is also just like the newspaper. Even though everything nowadays is becoming digital, but there are still people who are buying magazines.
  3. RADIO: – Advertising on the radio is a wonderful way to reach your target audience. The broader and wider your radio station goes the more the advertisements reach.
  4. TELEVISION: – Television is the leading and essential source for advertisements. Advertising on television reaches a large number of people country as well as worldwide. Though advertising on television is a bit costlier but its worth advertising on television because it is connected worldwide. Televisions are particularly used to demonstrate your product, and how it works and advertising on television tells as to how your product will be in a dramatic way.
  5. OUTDOOR AND TRANSIT: – There are many ways to advertise your product and outdoor and transit advertising is one such way. Outdoor billboards can be signs by the roads. Transits are nothing but the posters that you see while traveling or the posters that are on buses, taxis, and bicycles.
  6. ONLINE: – There are some advertisements that appear in the tabs which we open online. We can see that there are some adds that will be appearing on the online page. This is because people nowadays are spending most of the quality time on social media and due to this there emerged advertising online.
    Advertising benefits the customers as well as sellers or manufacturers. It’s a two way round, it fulfills customers needs and wants and also gives the right amount of returns to the sellers as well as the manufacturers.

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