Lab Technician Course

Lab Technician Course

Lab technicians an important component of the healthcare field, but what do they do? Do you know for a full body checkup the doctor advises you for many tests? Who do these tests and the analysis of the samples taken from your body? A Lab technician of course!

So keeping it simple a lab technician does many clinical laboratory tests and does the analysis of the body fluids, matter, tissue, and does the overall cell count of the body along with a screening of the microorganisms just to diagnose the problems and any abnormality occurring in your body.

So, a Lab technician basically collects information, does the basic tests, make the reports, and document the investigation to the doctors.

If you think of taking a course of a laboratory technician then you must need to know about the degrees offered in India. These are basically BSc in a laboratory technician who is of 3 years or a diploma course which is for two years. Students who took science in their 12th boards and have an average of 50% marks in it are eligible for applying to this course.

Colleges offering lab technician courses are as follows:

  1. All India Institute of Medical Science or AIIMS.
  2. Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
  3. Santosh Dental College
  4. University College of Medical Sciences, Delhi
  5. Baba Farid University of Health Sciences

There are many more colleges especially private colleges that offer this course in every state but with some eligibility criteria.

What is the Scope after doing this Lab Technician Course?

A lab technician is required everywhere in a private clinic or a Hospital for diagnosing and analysis of the body matters which helps in drawing the conclusion of the status of the body.
Thus the Career for a lab technician in India is growing day by day due to the opening of new clinics, Laboratories, blood banks, and hospitals. A lab technician can work there as an analysis or can become the manager or supervisor of that organization. A job of a consultant can also be taken as it pays you the right amount of money for your living. There are other opportunities to work in research labs or molecular technology companies.

So now, you must be thinking about the Grand pay scale of any lab technician in India! Well, let us tell you it can’t provide you a perfect luxurious life but still can give you a nice living of your own. Any lab technician at its start of career earns around 10000 to 15000 per month in clinics or hospitals. This amount rises with experience and depends upon the organization where you work.

So if you are also thinking to make your own career in this field, then start gaining knowledge about the best colleges of the country where you can gain a degree and do not worry for the career opportunities because India is growing day by day giving way too many new hospitals, clinics, communities where you! A lab technician will be required the most.

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