Distance Education by Madras University

Distance Education by Madras University

Madras University is a state university in Chennai. It was established in 1857 and is one of the oldest universities in India. It is a collegiate university meaning it operates above multiple campuses. It has six campuses in total viz. Chepauk, Marina, Guindy, Taramani, Maduravoyal, and Chetpet. Presently, there are over 233 courses offered by Madras University under 87 academic departments covering areas such as sciences, humanities, management, and social science along with medicine. There are 109 colleges affiliated to MU and it has 52 approved research institutes. It has a five-star accreditation from NAAC (National Academic Accreditation Council) of India.

The university is popular all over India and it has quality alumni, working all over the world. Some of the famous alumni of Madras University are CV Raman, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar, Srinivasa Ramanujan. Five presidents of India, including APJ Abdul Kalam, graduated from this university. Hence, there is a very good reason for its popularity both nationally and globally as it is known for creating able leaders. With such popularity, the university is always thriving with students all over the country applying for various courses every year. With its wonderful amenities and education, Madras University is one of the colleges any student would dream of.

Being a modern university from its conception, the University of Madras is one of the first universities in India to start a distance learning program. The program started in the year 1981 to help students achieve their goals, both educational and personal. It has been offering its distance learning services for more than 25 years now. The MU Institute of Distance Education (IDE) offers 22 undergraduate courses, 14 postgraduate courses, 9 postgraduate science courses, 5 professional courses, 16 diploma courses, and 12 certificate courses overall. Admissions for all the programs can be made throughout the year. Admissions can be made through spot admissions and study centers.

There are over 30 spot admission centers across various places in Tamil Nadu and over 50 study centers in other states. MU also has 11 overseas study centers. At the moment, there are over 1,60,000 students in MU IDE. Any student can apply to any program offered by MU for Rs. 150 online and for Rs. 100 offline by post or through the study centers or spot admissions. The University of Madras started this program to help meet the demands of open education in India. It has so far done a tremendous job at that.
The selection of students will be done on a first come first serve basis and scholarships are also available to SC/ST students of IDE, who will be eligible for a full tuition fee reimbursement. Virtual University is a project of IDE, which as an e-learning platform for its students. It has been implemented with proper infrastructure in 11 colleges across Chennai. Overall, Madras University is progressive since the beginning, and the success of the college can be seen in the quality of its alumni. The distance learning program it provides has opened many doors to students across the country, who are willing to gain quality education regardless of their situation and the place they live in. This is a very forward program taken up by the university to encourage open education in India.

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