Main Objectives of Advertising

Main Objectives of Advertising

Advertising is nothing but a marketing strategy that is used by various companies and businesses, for a company or business advertising is the main tool to showcase their product to the world. In simple terms, it’s like a non-personal message to promote or sell a product. Take this as an example, if you are a juice manufacturer you cannot expect people to know about your product without advertising it, if you promote your product then you can get or expect good results (i.e.) people will know about your product through advertisement, and the advertisement should be in such a way that it attracts the viewers and should also make the viewers into regular customers.

Types of Advertising: 

  1. NewsPaper Advertising: – Newspaper advertising can promote your product to a large crowd of customers. Newspapers are also a huge source of advertising.
  2. Magazine Advertising: – Magazine is also just like the newspaper. Even though everything nowadays is becoming digital, but there are still people who are buying magazines.
  3. Advertisement on Radio: – Advertising on the radio is a wonderful way to reach your target audience. The wider and wider your radio station goes the more the advertisements reach.
  4. Advertisement on Television: – Television is the main and important source of advertisements. Advertising on television reaches a large number of people country as well as worldwide. Though advertising on television is a bit costlier but its worth advertising on television because it is connected worldwide. Televisions are particularly used to demonstrate your product, and how it works and advertising on television tells as to how your product will be in a dramatic way.
  5. Outdoor and Transit: – There are many ways to advertise your product and outdoor and transit advertising is one such way. Outdoor billboards can be signs by the roads. Transits are nothing but the posters that you see while traveling or the posters that are on buses, taxis, and bicycles.
  6. Online/Internet Advertisement: – There are some advertisements that appear in the tabs which we open in online. We can see that there are some adds that will be appearing on the online page. This is because people nowadays are spending most of the quality time on social media and due to this there emerged advertising online.

The above mentioned are not only types of advertising but also the source of advertising. Let us now learn about the main Objectives of Advertising: 

  • Introduce a Product: – Before popularising a product the manufacturer should know how to introduce a product, he should know who are the targeted customers, what will they require according to the climatic conditions and what their needs and wants will be after knowing all the requirements he can advertise his product accordingly.
  • Awareness Creation: – You definitely have to bring awareness for your product through advertising to make sales as a simple process. Creating awareness will bring a huge crowd for your product.
  • Differentiation: – You have to make your product different from others while advertising so that you can get immense returns as well as the customers.

Out of all these, there are three main objectives.

  • Awareness
  • Sales
  • Considerations.

Advertising gives so much and many advantages for you, the point is you have to plan first and then only advertise¬¶ plan as in you have to choose the targeted customers, their likes and dislikes and to fulfill the targeted audience’s needs and wants.

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