Mass Communication and Its Types

Mass Communication and Its Types

Mass communication is the communication with masses, mass communication is between two entities with a large audience set. Communication through tv, newspapers, magazines, etc comes under this. Mass communication is a medium of dispersing information to a large/group of people. In recent years, the field of mass communication has evolved so much that there are students who want to pursue mass communication. There are so many circumstances that you will be facing because nowadays there are so many students who want to belong to the media-related field. Earlier people had no way to get information or for communication, our grandfathers would have suffered without mass communication, but nowadays smart TVs and streaming devices have stolen the market and they were around 43% households in the year 2016. These new forms of broadcasting have also created a digital revolution. We are in the era where people get submerged into Netflix or Amazon etc¦ we have everything in our hands (i.e.) after the era of television we are in the stage where we have everything in a small device called the smartphone. Thank god that as it is in remote size, we don’t have a remote to operate it, and then eventually there emerged the term digital marketing and it has become fruit for all the businessman/ for the channel holders.

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  1. ADVERTISING: – Advertising is a mass communication that is used to market a product through mass media.
  2. JOURNALISM: – Journalism is the collection, interpretation and editing news and also broadcasting, there are three types of journalism: – a) Alternative journalism b) Public journalism c)Citizen journalism.
  3. PUBLIC RELATIONS: – It is the process of providing information to the public in order to present a specific view of a product.
  4. SOCIAL MEDIA: – Social media is used mostly in mobile devices and people can communicate through images, messages or emails, etc, for example, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Social media is nowadays the backbone for so many people in the world.
  5. AUDIO MEDIA: – Audio media are of two types a) Recorded music b) Radio. Audio media is nothing but the messages that are conveyed through recorded audio for example news getting passed through radio.
  6. CONVERGENCE: – Convergence is a type where all the telecommunications come together as forms of mass communication in a digital media environment.
  7. FILM AND TELEVISION: – It began with the invention of kinetoscope by Thomas Edison. A film also called a movie or motion picture is a series of still images that are shown on screens. In the late 1970s, television began to change and gained a large number of audience. Television was/is an important source of entertainment for more than 90% of the world’s population. Not only for entertainment television was also an important source of current affairs/news.
  8. PHOTOGRAPHY: – Photography also plays a vital role in mass communication, it is a way of expressing/showing some incidents through photographs.
  9. INTERACTIVE MEDIA: – It is a form of communication technology that is related to services on computer-based systems.
  10. E-BOOKS: – E-Books have become one of the most important sources for students. Nowadays the education system is changing everything is changing into digital form. Therefore, students are studying in eBooks (i.e.) in digital form.

Mass Media

Mass media/communication has given the power to reach a large number of people all over the world. When everything became digital the trend of mass communication also got increased. It also a platform to the public (i.e.) to us, to express our views, likes or dislikes, etc. But one has to understand that the greater the advantage they get through mass media/communication the greater the disadvantage they face. Everything in a limit can give you a greater advantage.

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