What is taught in Mass Communication?

What is taught in Mass Communication?

As the term, Mass Communication suggests it primarily deals with communication and interaction with the larger public (mass).

There is a process followed to teach Mass Communication it follows steps like:

  • A student of mass communications is primarily trained to orate, speaking, and interacting with the people in general.
  • They often act as a tool of awareness or conveyer for people all over.
  • You are taught to establish a strong command over the spoken and written language.
  • A strong sense of empathy is inculcated to connect with the audience and thus learn various media theories.
  • A student of mass communications is taught about various facets of journalism.
  • He/She is also taught about social media advertising along with marketing and digital marketing. This is to quickly catch up with the changing pace of our society around.
  • He/she is also trained to be good personnel or a public relations person.
  • With all the digital technological advancement a student is also taught about various facets of cinema making and media studies in general.

Mass Communication and its Types

Often a student of mass communication is expected to be able to record podcasts or video generation. Therefore the classroom study of a mass communication student revolves around overall personality development so that he/she is able to conduct an interview or write a blog or record a podcast.

Apart from job roles like television host or journalism it actually offers a plethora of opportunities and it can be taken upon at both the under-graduation and post-graduation levels.

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