Masters in Engineering Management in India

Masters in Engineering Management in India

Masters in Engineering Management or MEM is a degree for engineering graduates to build the link between engineering, technology, and management. Engineering Management course is mainly related to managing and optimizing the result of the engineering process using business management.

Management engineering is quite a new degree for engineering unlike traditional engineering courses like mechanical engineering, civil engineering, etc. As it combines engineering practices with business management, it is a unique course. Engineering principles are applied, and business tools are used to achieve goals in management engineering. Many companies pay big bucks to hire quality management engineers. As management engineering is something companies look for to get a competitive edge, management engineers are the perfect fit for jobs requiring the skills of management and engineering.

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The main goal of management engineering is optimization. MEM graduates are expected to know all the best practices in the field. There are a lot of engineering processes in the market, and the ways to make these processes more efficient is undoubtedly beneficial to a lot of companies as these are the things that give companies the edge over their competitors. Hence, management engineering, despite being a new field in engineering has a lot of scopes to develop and many top companies are already interested in the MEM graduates.

Coming to the Indian scenario, MEM is still a very new course in India, and many universities do not offer it yet. Although some colleges offer it, many are unknown to most of the engineering graduates. MEM was a course that was first started in the United States of America. Colleges such as Dartmouth, Stanford are the best when it comes to management engineering. But, in India, there are not many colleges that are held in high regard that offer this course apart from the Indian Institute of management and engineering and IIT, Kanpur. Masters in management engineering is undoubtedly getting very popular in India as many students opt for engineering after their 12th and masters degree in engineering management is perfect for the student who wants to expand their avenues. Hence, the number of colleges offering the course is expected to rise steadily.

There are a lot of opportunities in engineering management and a master’s in engineering management after an engineering undergraduate course is surely worth a lot. Companies are looking for engineers who also have good communication and management skills. As MEM provides the perfect base for creating such individuals, the number of jobs in the field are also expected to rise a lot. Overall, master’s in engineering management is a very new and rising field in India and has a lot of scope for development and provides many job opportunities. It is suitable for engineering graduates who are also willing to separate themselves from the crowd and be more capable managers and engineers.

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