MBA after BTech

MBA after BTech

An MBA or Master of Business Administration is a degree for business professionals. It is popular not only in the business world but also in many other areas. While BTech or Bachelor of Technology is a degree for engineers, many BTech undergrads pursue their masters in MBA. Although at first, the two fields might seem unrelated and one might think that an MBA isn’t something BTech graduates must look for, there are many benefits for BTech professionals with an MBA. There are tons of colleges offering BTech and MBA. These are the two most popular degrees in India. Even around the globe, the MBA is a very popular course.

Insead MBA

What exactly are the benefits of an MBA after BTech? That’s a question with a lot of answers. But, one of the main reasons why BTech students want to go for an MBA is to get better job opportunities. Many companies look for not just engineers but managers who know to engineer. It is because management professionals know about how to manage people, communicate effectively, etc. but without engineers, the projects a company might want will not be completed, so, companies look for the best of both worlds in MBA and BTech graduates. This is huge for multiple reasons; firstly, the salary is higher for professionals with both degrees, and secondly, they can apply for jobs in both the fields. Hence, they don’t have any restrictions to work in only the field and can choose from both the fields. This is a luxury not many professionals have. These are a few reasons why many are opting for MBA after completing BTech.

M.Tech without Gate

The rise in popularity of MBA among BTech grads isn’t a new phenomenon. The idea of pursuing an MBA has been here for a long time. But, due to increasing interest among BTech community to pursue an MBA, many programs suiting the needs of BTech graduates and professionals have risen. The traditional MBA course is two years or 4 semesters long, and one has to attend class almost every day and undergo an internship to graduate. But, for many BTech undergrads, this is not convenient, as many of them choose to work and would want to pursue an MBA in their spare time.

IIM Executive MBA

For such people, programs such as part-time MBA and executive MBA have been started. These days, one can get an MBA even through online education. The convenience this provides is tremendous, and many engineers are going for these courses. The rise in the number of people enrolling in these courses is very high. There are also MBA specializations aimed towards engineers such as MBA in Engineering Management. All of this is because for a BTech undergraduate, an MBA will go a long way in advancing their career and with courses such as part-time MBA and executive MBA, this becomes easy as they can learn the principles of management in the comfort of their homes without sacrificing their job. Also, as this provides flexibility in jobs, one can quickly switch to a complete management job after getting an MBA. As an MBA is useful in any field, choosing an MBA after BTech is a good choice and with a rise in demand for professionals with both degrees, there seem to be a lot of scopes.

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