MBA Colleges In Pune

MBA Colleges In Pune

With the admissions open for a new academic year all the different career options and postgraduate fields might pose a bit of a muddle for today’s students. It is also no surprise that the MBA is one of the most popular undergraduate courses in recent times. Perhaps the rapid commercialization of ventures is the root cause or simply the dependency of the economy on the manufacturing sector has shifted towards the service sector, whatever be the cause it is definitely a requisite that today’s students can benefit from. In this article, we would be shedding light on the various MBA colleges located in Pune.

Colleges that Accept GMAT Score

So what makes Pune such a lucrative option for MBA aspirants? Popularly known as Oxford of the East, Pune has always held a high place of repute when it comes to academic institutions. With its large population of students and widely distributed educational and research centers, Pune is indeed an attractive choice. Pune has witnessed extremely high growth rates and has been a hub for most of the major companies to set up their offices. Companies like Bajaj Group, Tata Motors, Mahindra and Mahindra, Mercedes Benz, Force Motors, Kinetic Motors have established their offices in Pune.

Most of the management schools in Pune accept candidates on the basis of their CAT and XAT scores. Admission is granted to their flagship MBA or PGDM program by taking into account their performance in the competitive exams and a series of interviews tailored to fit the needs of each institution. One of the most popular choices when it comes to pursuing an MBA from Pune would be the Department of Management Sciences, Savitribhai Phule Pune University. It one of the most prestigious MBA programs s being offered with a very reasonable fee structure alongside a strong alumni base.

MBA After B.Tech

The colleges in Pune usually accept CAT scores ranging above 85 percentile. Another famous MBA college in Pune would be the Symbiosis Institute of Business Management. Admissions are generally made on the basis of SNAP scores. Other MBA colleges in Pune that accept CAT and XAT scores include BIMM, MITSOB, MITSOT, and ASM. Apart from CAT and XAT, MBA colleges in Pune also accept CMAT scores. Colleges like the ASM Institute of Business Management and Research, NIBM, NIA, and FLAME University accept CMAT scores. Some other means of securing an MBA degree from Pune would be through the MAHCET entrance exams which are accepted by colleges like PUMBA, Dy Patil, BIMM, IBMR, and MICON. MAHCET is generally targeted to cater to the needs of students from Maharashtra; however, 15 percent of the seats are reserved for candidates from all over India.

Difference Between MBA and PGDM

When it comes to selecting the perfect MBA college of your choice, it is essential to keep a lot of factors in mind when making the decision. Apart from future opportunities that the college opens up, rate of interest, faculty base, the exposure for research opportunities, and finally if it simply just meets the requirements that you have from the institution. A right college can often do wonders for your career.

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