MBA Courses List

MBA Courses List

Masters In Business Administration is a well known, well-perceived course all around. It is designed to carve out good managers to run a company on all spectrums. It revolves around making of strategies to market a product as well as it deals with the financial aspects. Here is the Complete MBA Courses List

  • MBA in Finance
    MBA in finance is one of the famous and highly opted for the course of MBA. Various subjects like Costing, Budgeting, International Finance, Capital Management, Accounting are covered herein. This course revolves around Financial Management.
  • MBA in Marketing
    MBA in marketing is about consumer behavior, market behavior, aspects of advertising, that surrounds the marketing of a product/service which needs excellent communication skills, and resource mobilization.
    Marketing is about developing business plans; identifying the strengths and weakness to leverage the opportunities and safeguard the business from potential threats. The marketing department is almost the backbone of a company. They are responsible for bringing the market to them.
  • MBA in Human Resource (HR)
    MBA in HR Management is meant for Human Resource functions and strategies. It includes workforce management, diversity management, mergers and acquisitions, managing demand and supply of labor markets, along with employee care. Job roles are at the mid-management level. HR would also handle operations such as Recruitment, Talent Management, Retention Management, Reward Management. For the growth and sustenance of a company, human resources is a must.

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  • MBA in International Business (IB)
    MBA in International Business course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of the organizational capabilities required for international operations. This is to match footsteps with the changing economy and globalization. The course teaches us specialized functions such as global marketing, finance, etc. to run the test of times for the multinational corporations.
  • MBA in Operation Management
    Operation Management helps in dealing with Production Management or Shop Floor Management related functions. Operations are to maintain process flows, develop vendor and inter-departmental relationships, designing, and process optimization.
  • MBA in Supply Chain Management
    An MBA in supply chain management includes inventory, warehousing, and transportation conveyance of various materials required by the client or a company.
    It is an exciting field of study because a manager herein is appointed to look after the logistics and expenses to run the company properly.
  • MBA in Rural Management
    Rural Management carves out those managers that are skilled in the field of marketing with a focus on rural business. Agricultural management is about understanding Economy, Indian Economy, rural management.
    One can have a career in Rural Management in the role of development of India’s rural development projects or research development. There’s the immense scope of being in this field of construction. Primarily because India is an agro-based economy.


  • MBA in Agri-Business Management
    An MBA in Agri-Business is for the development of agriculture business in India. In Agri Management specialization, one is taught to manage companies that process, market, and merchandise of various agricultural products for consumers from all over. It is closely taught with management, marketing, and finance functions with an emphasis on specialized requirements of the agribusiness sector.
  • National Policy On Education: National Policy On Education is a policy issued by the government issued on the recommendation of the Education Commission of 1964. The Policy was however adopted in 1986 in the Parliament.

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  • In 1968 Indira Gandhi announced the first National Policy aiming towards radical restructuring of students for their overall cultural and economic development.
  • In 1986 the policy aimed towards the development of women, and people belonging to the SC and ST communities.
  • In 1992 the policy aimed towards the development of professional knowledge and technical knowledge of students.
  • In 2005 the government aimed towards the advancement of science, mathematics, and English.

The National Policy is supposed to look out for methods that help in overall development. It has also got to do with the promotion of Indian culture and diversity. Therefore merely bringing the kids to school is not enough. To diversify and generate interest among students an initiative of mid-day meal was incorporated. It is for implementing education, nutrition, health, and development of children.

Off late there’s been various schools in Delhi which have managed to attain international model in education.

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Therefore it is safe to say that the policy is for advancement in education right from the elementary level to the university level.
The National Policy aims at educational advancement with vocational training to provide equal educational opportunities.

After 12th Science Courses List :

The Career and course options available for students who opt for pure science are :

  1. Chemistry:
    Students with interest in chemistry can specialize in the subject and further pursue the matter.
  2. Physics :
    Students with interest in physics can specialize in the subject and further pursue the subject.
  3. Geology :
    Although for a while pursuing class 12 science many schools do not have a provision of crust and soil studies. Once a student decides to get into geology, the science background is an added benefit.
  4. Geography :
    Once a student wants to go on with geography for graduation. A student with a background in science will get a BSC degree.
  5. Mathematics :
    Students with interest in mathematics can specialize in the subject and further pursue the subject.
  6. Statistics :
    Students with interest in mathematics can specialize in the subject of statistics and further pursue the subject.
  7. Meteorology :
    It is the study of the universe and meteors. Exclusively meant for science students.
  8. Oceanography :
    Oceanography is about the study of tectonic waves of the oceans.
  9. Computers and Information Technology :
    It is a study of computers and computer languages that students can opt for after pursuing science in their class 12.
  10. Defense Services :
    A science background in school helps a student to get into defense. This is for the necessary qualification ascertained by the service as well as the entrance test of the service requires the student to sit for an entrance which tests their mathematics and logical reasoning.
  11. Biotechnology :
    It is the study of genetics, and antibiotics especially meant for science students.
  12. Genetic Scientist :
    Manipulation of genes and genetics done by various methodologies and cultivation of science to bring forth different hormonal and genetic advancements for all humans and beings around.
  13. Bio-Chemistry :
    It is the branch of science dealing with chemicals, and various physiochemical substances present living beings.
  14. Microbiologist :
    It is the study of micro-organisms.
  15. BioInformatics :
    It is an amalgamation of biochemistry, computer science, and engineering.
  16. Anthropology :
    It is the branch of science for the study of humans and human behavioral patterns.
  17. Dairy farm Management :
    Even before proper launching of management courses aiming for proper diary management, it is well known by us Indians that Dairy and Dairy products have been an integral part of India for a long time.
    Every state has its custom of cattle restoration policy and animal rearing procedure. It has enabled experts to relentlessly work towards making dairy products reach almost each and every household of India.
    Although management is a different prop altogether, it requires running and managing dairy needs with the proper presence of mind, and depth of knowledge. A master’s degree in ‘Diary Management,’ thus lets you bring your skills to practice.
    The prime business of generated out of dairy business is a micro-level business. This, therefore, requires labor management and human resource management primarily because apart from decision making it has got to do with dealing with people from all societies.
    Your job ranges between dealing with people on the one hand and milking the cow on the other.
    The main objective of the dairy management course is to teach students about production, planning, management, entrepreneurship on one hand as well as development in milk preservation, dairy processing, control of the dairy farm, establishing co-operative and industry.

Sikkim Manipal University Distance MBA

Topics like the following are taught in the Course:

  1. Milking and Feeding Management.
  2. Calf Management
  3. Cooling Management.
  4. Milk filtration Management
  5. Hoof management
  6. Manure handling
  7. Cow Longevity and Cow comfort Management.
  8. Biosecurity
  9. Dairy farm planning Management
  10. Dairy buffalo Production Management

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After completion of the course, one can get a job as a farm manager or dairy manager.

1The National Dairy Research Institute (NDRI).
2College of Dairy Sciences and Technology.
3Institute of Rural Management.
4Sheth MC College of Dairy Science.
5Dairy Science College “ Bangalore
6University of Agricultural Sciences.
7Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwavidyalaya.
8College of Dairy Technology.
9Allahabad Agricultural Institute.


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