MBA in Business Analytics

MBA in Business Analytics

Are you an MBA aspirant or currently pursuing your MBA? Are you riddled with the various pathways that keep on popping up and the multitude of opportunities in the global market never missing a chance to befuddle you? One such avenue we want to shed light on is the vast world of business analytics. One must have frequently come across the term business analytics or an analyst.

Simply put an analysis is the process of collecting, comprehending, and deriving conclusions based on information that is available from the various surrounding environment or resources. Basically, the job of an analyst entails responsibilities to carry out a proficient analysis of the data provided to them. One might ask why and how the position of business analysts might prove to be beneficial as a career option in the long run.

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Given the huge amassing of companies and startups not to mention amalgamation of market places all over the world, the consumer base that a company or an organization needs to deal with is extremely diverse, with constantly wavering demographics that change with every season. With the advent of 21st-century mass digitalization and most companies shifting to the virtual platform and catering to a remote consumer base, the potential for information flow and statistical data is tremendous.

With technology showing signs of only spearheading forward in the coming years, the web of data is only going to get bigger and more complicated. This mine of unchartered data provides an excellent insight into the minds of the consumer. Some can even argue that the job of a business analyst is to predict what the consumer might prefer on their shelves next season depending on their browsing or purchasing history. So coming to the important aspect; what are the job opportunities present in India for the role of a business analyst?

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And the answer is that business analysts are highly coveted positions in India with demand ranging across various industries and all segments inculcating some aspects of business analytics in their functioning. Companies ranging from government subsidiaries to multinational fashion brands- the need for collecting and organizing data is felt strongly everywhere. Any company that deals with a vast amount of information is always on the lookout for the business analyst to bring about some order to their plethora of data.

While some companies directly deal with a huge amount of data for predicting their business performance in the near future others often act as a storage vault of data concerning other organizations. One such example of direct data usages could be companies like Amazon that deal with millions of consumers on a daily basis and need a proper system to arrange all this information. A company that acts as a data vault can be big financial firms like JP Morgan that manage the monetary portfolio of various other companies and thereby store a vast amount of information with them.

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So if number-crunching and making sense out of a jumbled mess of data is your forte, then the position of a business analyst is certainly for you.

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