MBA in Construction Management

MBA in Construction Management

Construction Management involves the planning of a construction project and sustaining it. MBA in Construction Management is a course aimed at students with a background in Civil Engineering or Architecture or any such fields. It seeks to create construction managers who can see a complex construction project to fruition.

With the rise of innovation in the construction field, it has become increasingly difficult for ordinary civil engineers and contractors to put together a plan for the project right from start to finish. MBA in Construction Management aims to solve this problem by teaching students both Theoretical and practical aspects of management. Generally, the course is distributed across four semesters. It involves both theory and practice.

The students of this course are taught skills relating to financial analysis, civil engineering, managerial economics, and leadership. A professional in construction management is expected to be able to lead a team of civil engineers, architects, designers, electrical engineers, planners, etc. to complete a construction project.

A lot of business schools in India provide MBA in Construction Management. The preference is given to someone with a background in civil engineering or architecture, but anyone can apply for the course. The general procedure for selection involves writing a test such as CAT, CMAT, GMAT, etc. and an interview for filtering out suitable candidates. Some of the prominent schools offering this course in India are IITs, RISC, etc.

With the rise of complex structures, malls, innovative construction projects in India, there is a growing demand for professional construction managers. The job opportunities are also high and generally involve multi-national construction companies. They are top paying executive jobs. Construction managers have to be able to interact with all the members of their team and expected to meet the demands of the client. They also have to be aware of the financial terms of the project before planning. All the work of the project from start to finish has to be planned by the construction manager, and the professional is also expected to make sure that the construction project is sustainable for a given period.

The course is generally structured with two years of theoretical learning and practice. The students are expected to do fieldwork, an internship, and meet professionals in the field before graduation. As it is a hands-on course, every graduate of the course is expected to be proficient in all the fields relating to construction management. Financial analysis is a huge part of the course as every construction manager must be aware of the budget allocated for the construction project.

Innovation is also a key aspect of the work. Take malls for example which are growing in India. Every mall consists of a lot of components, and it is the job of a construction manager to achieve the goal of the client to fit in as many components as he/she can with the budget constraints. The project must not only be planned for completion, but plans for sustenance are also needed. But, as this field is growing in India, a lot of jobs are expected to come into the market, and this course is expected to increase in popularity. Overall, MBA in construction management is a growing course that creates leaders who are professional construction managers.

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