MBA In Data Analytics

MBA In Data Analytics

Within the two years that you will be spending in a business school learning different disciplines such as finance, marketing, and operations; analytics will also play an underlying role. After the duration of these two years, you will probably have honed your strategic skills and ability to grasp the outlines of businesses quickly. What does an MBA in data analysis comprise of? This is a double benefit program that offers you an opportunity to learn data analysis skills along with business knowledge. One usually gets exposed to facets such as business intelligence, data analytics, and information technology. It also touches upon topics involving business process analysis and predictive modeling. Analytics is often used by organizations to track their decent performances, leadership skills, and influence on the global marketplace. Some fields of specializations can include entrepreneurship, financing international businesses, and organization development. The benefit of data analysis is the hands-on experience that it provides and research capabilities. These combined with their existing business skills make them as important assets for companies and improve their business decisions.

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Data analytics is an extremely important field and can open a vast field of career opportunities across companies in the future. Data analytics as a career option provides vast scope for growth and development alongside remuneration. Some of the jobs available include business analyst, systems analyst, business intelligence developer, data architect, and solutions architect. Some of the requisite skills are data warehousing, data analysis, data management, business process, and structured query language. Most of these are available as electives and specializations during the course of a two year MBA program.

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Data analytics is perhaps such a lucrative aspect for companies because according to research about 90 percent of the data circulating the world today has been generated only in the past two years. Data is floating all about the internet and it is only here to grow and stay. The data industry is only going to get bigger and within 10-15 years most companies would be on the lookout to hire data analysts. Data related startups also have signs of getting more funding options compared to other startups. Companies deal with literally vast amounts of data on an everyday basis and in this tangle of data overflow, the role of a data analyst is to inject some sense and order to it. Also, most marketing companies deal with products being interspersed among different sections of society and economic backgrounds and predictive analysis plays a huge role in this. The predictive analysis not only helps to make out the current trends that flow through the market but also helps to trace consumer buying behavior and spending patterns. This is very crucial when companies want to re-launch a brand or introduce a new one. Data analysis also helps to chart out the competitors holding in the market. With the advent of the internet, it is safe to say that almost entirety of our lives will now be transported to the virtual space which would bring about a huge influx of data and this is a Pandora’s box of opportunities for the future.

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