MBA in Event Management

MBA in Event Management

Masters in business administration or MBA is a very trending field these days where most of the youngsters are dreaming and ensuring a seat in college to get a degree. There are various fields in which an MBA can be done but one such area is an event management, which is one of the favorites yet less hyped field. But why so? Ever thought of that! Let us tell you about what lies in this ground of MBA in event management so that you and your friends can also have a thought for doing it to have a good career ahead.

What is MBA in event management at all? MBA in event management is a 2-year course with a specialization in event management I.e a post-graduate degree taken by students having an interest in the business field. It has an average fee of 3 lakhs in Indian colleges. The eligibility is that student needs to have a bachelors degree in any field with 59 % of marks along with qualifying in an entrance test. So, what does an event manager do? An event manager has to be specialized professionals in their field which includes managing wedding parties, birthday parties, advertising, business promotions, organizational meetings, etc.

Doing this course makes the individual a professional in organizing such events and managing its catering, presentations, and venues by working both in a private firm or in the public sector also. They can get a good job as it has many career options and can earn good pay with some experience within years. What is this course about? This course is designed to make students learn how to advertise and market at a large scale by being a professional among the general public and the audience.

The course helps in building up the required skills in an individual and teaches them how to make the best agenda possible for any event which makes the audience understand and acknowledge what is happening in present and what will happen in the future.

There are various events which students are taught how to plan and manage, some are listed below :

  • Social Events like Birthday Parties Wedding and other celebrations.
  • Educational Events
  • Corporate Meetings
  • Entertainment and Advertisement Events.
  • Promotional events

Who can opt for this course in MBA in event management? Candidates who have an interest in challenging activities, presentations, and keep a good relationship with the public can opt for this course. Having good communication skills is very much required in this field They should have good creative skills which can be very useful in managing the event and also should have the good thought process to think out every possible way in organizing the event nicely. A good leadership quality should be required so that they can work in a team and produce good results. Colleges offering MBA in event management in India:

  • College of Events and Media
  • Amity Institute of Event Management
  • University of Technology and Management
  • National Institute of Event Management
  • National Academy of Event Management and Development

So if you are planning to get a seat in MBA, start preparing for interviews and qualifying examination at the earliest and get admission to the college to make a career in this field.


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