MBA in Fashion Designing

MBA in Fashion Designing

Master of Business Administration in Fashion Designing program is related to the combination of management concepts related to the worldwide fashion industry with various modules of fashion design. It is a wonderful platform for those who want to get into the world of the fashion industry or aspire to a career in the world of the fashion business. We all live in the world of fashion where even a small change is considered as fashion. I recently asked one of my friends that Who is the world, first fashion designer?

Top 5 Fashion Designing Institutes in India

She was literally blinking and she is so-called the fashion freak in my gang, after a minute of silence I told her to search about the first fashion designer in our world and then she got to know about CHARLES FREDERIC WORTH, who is known as the father of haute couture. Haute means high, haute couture is a garment which is made for an individual client. After knowing all these she leaves a gasp, to a small moral, you have to know about the things you love and that too if you want to pursue fashion designing you have to about it from A to Z. Fashion designing is an art of designing and bringing natural beauty to clothes and its accessories. It is influenced by cultural and social attitudes and has changed over time and place. The main duty of a fashion designer is to conduct research on fashion trends and should interpret them for their audience, their designs are used by specific manufacturers.

Why MBA After Engineering


  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Managerial Economics
  • Marketing Management
  • Fashion Illustration
  • Business Communication
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Business Research
  • Operations Management
  • Apparel Manufacturing
  • Production Planning Control

MBA in Canada

  • Apparel Quality Control
  • Fashion Retail Management & Merchandising
  • Apparel Export Management & Merchandising
  • Computer Applications in the Fashion Industry
  • Consumer Behaviour in the Fashion Industry
  • Trend Forecasting for Art and Design
  • Design Marketing Interactive Strategy
  • Fashion Supply Chain Management
  • Fashion Entrepreneurship

MBA in Data Analytics


  • Maxx Academy, Faridabad (
  • Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore (
  • Pearl Academy, Mumbai(
  • MIT Institute of Design, Pune(

These are the Top 5 MBA Fashion Designing colleges in India, to know more about them you can check the link that is mentioned next to it.

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One should have a minimum of 50% at Higher Secondary School. Graduation with minimum 50% of marks/aggregates from a reputed university. After completing an MBA, you have your jobs in hand in Fashion Designing. The course mainly covers the technical part of fashion designing and is, even more, advance then the UG fashion designing course. Even though candidates from any course can apply to Post-Graduate MBA in fashion designing, but those who have a degree in fashion-based UG course will find this easier and for the rest, it will be a very difficult road because it’s like you don’t even know A.B.C¦..Z but you want to pursue B.A.English Literature, for fashion designing its very important that you have a strong base so that it wouldn’t be so challenging else you have to get through a tough time.

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