MBA in India

MBA in India

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a Post-Graduation (PG) course offered to the ones who complete Under-Graduation (UG). Those who want to pursue an MBA should have to undergo the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) which is prominently used as an entrance exam for MBA. The GMAT entrance exam is used to pursue MBA in abroad and Common Admission Test (CAT) entrance exam is used to pursue MBA within India. One should hold a degree to get into the MBA, he/she should have a minimum of two to three years of experience, and the GMAT score should be above 600. 

There are ten types of MBA courses that are offered: –

  1. MBA in Finance: – MBA finance is one of the most popular opted forms of specialization. It prepares you in various fields like costing, budgeting, capital management etc¦
  2. MBA in Marketing: – MBA marketing helps a student to understand consumer behavior, market behavior, and other aspects related to marketing. An MBA in marketing gives you immense opportunities. Marketing specialization would help you to develop your skills in business plans, identifying the strength and weaknesses of a business, etc¦ One who pursues this course will flourish in different fields also.
  3. MBA in Human Resource (HR): – This course is for those who want to pursue or to become a part of a human resource department. HR functions include workforce diversity management, mergers, and acquisitions, managing demand and supply of labor markets in emerging economies, and international leadership. If you possess good communication skills and a charming personality, I hope you can make to MBA in HR.
  4. MBA in International Business (IB): – MBA in IB course aims to provide an in-depth understanding of organizational capabilities and structure of an organization. It aims to impart skills pertaining to specialized functions. Admissions to this course require a UG degree in any course/discipline. MBA in IB would also increase the chances to travel around the world.
  5. MBA in Operational Management: – This course helps you in dealing with production management or shop floor management. Mostly candidates with engineering backgrounds opt for this course. MBA in Operation management offers you a decent salary after the successful completion of this course.
  6. MBA in Information Technology (IT): – MBA in IT which is designed to educate and develop managers who can effectively manage the planning, organizing, and communicating. Mostly candidates who belong to an IT background can earn a good amount of knowledge.
  7. MBA in Supply Chain Management: – It is unique and exciting opportunities for those who want to pursue something different and unique. This course includes Inventory management, warehousing, and transportation.
  8. MBA in Rural Management: – MBA in Rural Management would provide you a thrilling experience and immense opportunities. Candidates who pursue MBA in Rural Management get a decent average salary.
  9. MBA in Agri-Business Management: – Agribusiness is another vital reality of India. MBA aspirant learns to manage companies. To pursue this specialization course one should have a degree in any UG program.
  10. MBA in Health Care Management: – It covers business management related to the health industry. This specialization focuses on specific issues of the hospital. Those who want to pursue this specialization program should have UG certificate in Medical field or background

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