MBA In Information Technology

MBA In Information Technology

Masters of Business Administration (MBA) is a Post-Graduation (PG) course offered to the ones who complete Under-Graduation (UG). Those who want to pursue an MBA should have to undergo the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) which is prominently used as an entrance exam for MBA. The GMAT entrance exam is used to pursue MBA in abroad and Common Admission Test (CAT) entrance exam is used to pursue MBA within India. One should hold a degree to get into the MBA, he/she should have a minimum of two to three years of experience, and GMAT score should be above 600.

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Information Technology is the use of computers to store and retrieve or manipulate information often in the context of a business or other enterprise. Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Information Technology is a two-year post-graduate program in management. Candidates having bachelors degrees in any field can apply or opt for this but most preferably those who are pursuing a computer-related degree. By pursuing an MBA in Information Technology, one can get jobs in the IT field or banking sector or you can even get a job in the finance industry or sector. Candidates must have an understanding of mathematical concepts and high data manipulation skills as well as communication skills.

By doing an MBA in IT you get immense opportunities and experiences. At present, the IT industry gives you a good package of salary for basic needs and that is why people or students opt for the IT field. MBA in IT gives you even more good salary package compared to bachelor’s because MBA in IT definitely will be advanced than a bachelor’s degree in the IT field. MBA in Information Technology is all about marketing, finance, human resource, production, operations, and market research.

Colleges that Accept GMAT Score

The courses in MBA Information Technology has all Job-Oriented Subjects like: –

  1. E-Commerce
  2. Project Management
  3. Data Warehousing
  4. Software Engineering Management
  5. Networking
  6. Business Intelligence
  7. Communication
  8. Financial management accounting
  9. Managerial economics
  10. Quantitative techniques for decision making
  11. Database management and administration
  12. Management of technology innovation and change
  13. Managerial skills development
  14. Business research
  15. Human Resource Management
  16. Production and Operation Management
  17. Business legal environment
  18. Business system analysis and design
  19. Information system management
  20. E-Governance and framework of ICT
  21. Software project management
  22. Entrepreneurship development
  23. Corporate social responsibility
  24. Human values and ethics
  25. E-Business
  26. Dissertation

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These are the courses offered in MBA Information Technology, you don’t need to get upset by looking at these number of courses, they are on a semester basis. If you think that it will be easy to get into this field its actually not so easy to get into this field because you really have to work hard to get into IT field, but if you have the apt or enough requirements to get a job in this field then it will definitely be easy to get into the same. To know, one pursuing MBA in Information Technology can get immense job opportunities other than getting one in Information Technology (IT) field.

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