MBA in Travel and Tourism

MBA in Travel and Tourism

MBA in travel and tourism curriculum empowers one with knowledge and experience to work in industries that offer an array of opportunities with steady growth and experience. It is about understanding, identifying, and responding to the needs of the tourists/travelers/consumers to provide an excellent experience. This curriculum is also about building customer-facing skills because all strata of people is a traveler or a tourist some way or the other.
An MBA in travel and tourism also offers a lot of opportunities in tourism-related services. Like a managerial position in luxurious trains. Or a well-paid position in a destination management organization.

Travel and Tourism Syllabus

There are a lot of opportunities in various Boutique Travel Consultancies around the World as well.

  • An MBA in travel and tourism is exposed to diversity and culture which helps in wider tourism.
  • Travel and tourism is a multi-faceted industry catering to a lot of customers.
  • Therefore their job role can range from setting up itineraries to looking after logistics.
  • One of the perks of working in this industry is the exposure of the whole world to various diverse customs and cultures.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Travel and Tourism

The job roles that are offered to graduates in MBA in Travel and Tourism Management:

  1. Hotel Manager.
  2. Tour Guide
  3. Visa Executive
  4. Travel Agents
  5. Tour Manager
  6. Event Planner
  7. Travel Counsellors
  8. Destination Manager
  9. Front Office Manager
  10. Information Assistant
  11. Lobby Manager
  12. Trainee Travel Consultant
  13. Operations Executive
  14. Reservations Executive
  15. Ticketing Assistant
  16. Sales Manager

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An MBA in Tourism freshers may earn from a range of Rs.2,58,000 to Rs.3,55,000 per annum. An experienced professional earns between Rs.4 lakhs p.a. to s.9.6 lakhs P.A.

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